Sports Coaching

6 June 2017

Techniques: observation analysis, performance profiling, fitness assessment, goal setting, simulation, modeling, effective demonstration, technical instruction, developing performer coaching diaries, adapting practices to meet individual needs, designing effective practice sessions Observation Analysis The technique observation analysis is used by David Moyes for his performances that have recently happened for example when Man United lost 4-1 to their rivals Man City.

For Moyes to do his observation he will need to get the video of the erformances of the individuals, by showing there negative parts of the game which he would be furious with because players were not first to the ball or tracking back for an overlap from a opposite player. He would shout at his players in a room and tell them that they shouldn’t be playing like how they have at this level of football. By observing the game he would have a certain checklist and tick whatever is achieved and whatever isn’t then he would tell them what to do at a half time team talk or when the next training session is.

Sports Coaching Essay Example

The manager would be going through his players nd tell them what he has observed from their performance and will tell them how to not repeat the same mistake that they have done. The manager would also look at the attitudes of the players and show them their reactions to a goal or a missing a header and not wanting to go and win the header next time, so the manager would have to tell them not to give up and to do a certain training session for their weakness this is also part of analysis because it is looking back at a performance and telling the player how to improve it.

Having the right attitude for the game is a ositive because the manager would want you to carry on your attitude towards the game for as long as possible. Goal Setting The technique goal setting is used by Lance Brauman who is the coach of Tyson Gay. He would be setting his trainee Tyson a goal to achieve when he is sprinting. When he would be running in the 100m sprint heats he would want Tyson to come first so that he can achieve his target and then get a confidence boost, this would make him individually more confident with the race and wants him to achieve more than his goal.

When using the technique he would want to achieve more so he would try elievable and wants to get more than he physically wants. Lance would have to mentally prepare Tyson because he would want him to believe in himself to win what he wants. By doing this it will make Tyson more prepared and he will have to give him a certain type of training that will make him more physical and prepared for the next race.

The physical benefits of this are that you are training for a race and that you are wanting to win, no matter what the situation is and who’s participating, he only wants to know that there is one winner and that will be him. The benefit of being physically prepared is that it wants you to strive for what you want to do the most. It is also linked with being mentally prepared because of Lance; how he tells Tyson what to do in certain areas and then that will make him strived for more than his targets.

Effective Demonstration – An effective demonstration is used by Andy Flower to his cricket team which is England. This is because he would have to show the players how to play a certain shot; for example if he wanted to show you to play a lofted shot into space then he ill do a demonstration like the picture on the right, for this you would have to use certain techniques and have your back leant forward a bit, onto one knee and then have the correct timing of the ball.

This is because he has shown an effective demonstration and his players would be doing the type of shot when it’s necessary. When the players try to do the shot he will point out what’s necessary and tell them one on one and to help with their improvements in the game. For them to take an a advice form the coach is important because they will need to use it effectively in a gaming situation.

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