Sports Essay Research Paper For this assignment

Sports Essay, Research Paper

For this assignment I wanted to concentrate on baseball managers. However, I was unable to go to two games each on a different degree because at this point in clip merely the college season is underway. So alternatively of go toing a game at a degree other than college, I attended a high school pattern session. At first the manager was a spot discerning about leting me to go to, but he finally allowed me to after a younger brother of a friend of mine who was on the squad assured him that I wasn t a undercover agent for another squad. That said, I expected the pattern to be strict and proficient in nature and a bid manner manager who extremely valued winning. However, it was rather the reverse.

The manager, to my surprise, subscribed to a instead submissive/baby sitting trade name of training. The pattern had really small construction or organisation. After a brief warm-up period, which consisted of a light jog and short stretching modus operandi, he merely divided the squad up into two groups. One headed for the two batting coops and the other spread themselves out to make full the balance of the gym to throw and finally lined up to take land balls from the adjunct manager. This went on for about entireness of the two-hour pattern ( the groups switched about mid manner through ) . During this clip the caput manager freely roamed the gym, halting here and at that place, offering at most minor direction to where he felt it was needed. While he was making this, those who were waiting their bend to either chiropteran or field were drop the balling about rather a spot ( at least harmonizing to my criterions ) . Merely when things got excessively objectionable did the manager intervene. He didn T seem to care much about the physical or mental development of his participants.

I have to acknowledge that I was reasonably aghast to see this traveling on. I played baseball at that place all four old ages under two different caput managers. Both were what you could name martinets ; they were really organized and structured patterns in such a manner that they required your complete attending from start T

o coating. I was funny to see how the squad faired last twelvemonth under the current government so I spoke to my friend s younger brother. Not surprisingly the squad had one of its poorest seasons in old ages. I found it sad to see my old high school go from respectable to absurd. I besides felt sorry for those playing for the current manager. The subject, work ethic, and values transmitted from the command/cooperative manner managers that I played for will non be instilled in those playing under this manager.

The college manager I observed was more in line with the managers I played for in high school. He was much more structured and disciplined and fit what I felt was a combination of bid and concerted manner of coaching. After a jog and stretch, the squad loosened up with some long tossing. After about five or six proceedingss of that, the manager called them in for multi-infield ( which, Unlike the high school manager, who had his helper hit one land ball at a clip, this manager ( like my former managers ) had outfielders hit land balls to the infielders so that each infielder could have the maximal sum of land balls in a limited period of clip ) . Finally the outfielders took their places and the infielders gave them multi-outfield.

To acquire more of an apprehension of what manner of training the manager used I stayed near to the dugout for the bulk of the game. He decidedly emphasized winning, but at the same clip he cared about his participants. There were a twosome of occasions where participants made mental and physical mistakes. He decidedly allow them cognize that they made a error ; he raised his voice rather a spot ( non shouting but non speaking either ) . However, he was ne’er take downing, and whenever he was done acquiring their attending and indicating out errors he offered encouragement, come on, you re better that that, or acquire thousand following clip. I felt that this manager was good balanced and offered much more counsel than the high school manager, which in my sentiment is necessary when training in competitory degrees of organized athleticss.

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