Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia

The British like athletics really much. They are fond of all sorts of athleticss. Many athleticss were invented in Great Britain and so distribute throughout the universe. Sports became popular long ago. In the 19-th century athletics was organised at public schools so that immature people could develop their physical abilities. But shortly afterwards the thought was borrowed by business communities who started to organize football and other athleticss for their workers. From the 1960s commercial companies began to patronize different British athleticss and activities. The national British athleticss are: football, golf, cricket, tennis, racing, darts. Like everyone else the British adore football. Furthermore, the Englishmen invented it.

Cipher can state for certain when people started playing football on the British Isles. It is of import nevertheless, that current unvarying regulations of the game were settled merely in the 19-th century. At that clip there was a great argument, whether one could utilize his manus to kick the ball or non. Those who wanted to allow the participants to transport the ball with their custodies united to organize rugger. Rugby is played by squads of 15 work forces with an egg-shaped ball. Those who insisted on playing with pess and caput merely had the bulk and that was the beginning of football as everybody knows it today. In Great Britain and more frequently in the United States football is called association football to separate the game from American football, the game that has much in common with rugger.

Soccer, played about in all states, remains one of the most popular games in Great Britain. Each squad consists of field participants and one goalie. Merely the goalie is permitted to take the ball into his custodies. The game lasts for 90 proceedingss with a 15 minute interruption between two halves 45 proceedingss each. Most British towns and metropoliss have a football squad. Every twelvemonth, each squad in England dramas in the Football Association competition. The two best squads play in the Cup Final at Wembley Stadium in London. It is one of the biggest featuring events of the twelvemonth.

Another traditional British game is cricket. Unlike football cricket is non widely dispersed outside the British Isles. Cricket is a summer game, it is played in schools, colleges, universities. Cricket is a really long and a really slow game. There are two squads. Each squad consists of 11 work forces. The “ bowler ” throws the ball, and a “ batter ” hits it with his chiropteran.

Tennis is besides really popular in Britain. Two different games that do non hold much in common bear the name of tennis – lawn tennis and table tennis. Both games foremost appeared in England, but today the British prefer lawn tennis to postpone tennis. Every summer, in June, the biggest tourney in the universe takes topographic point at Wimbledon. This universe Centre of lawn tennis is located in a suburb of London. Millions of people watch the Wimbledon Championship on Television. Table tennis originated in England in 1880. But the British participants are non lucky in table tennis international titles.

Englishmans like all sorts of rushing. Horseracing, auto racing, boat racing, dog-racing, donkey racing are really popular in England. The most celebrated boat racing in England is between Oxford and Cambridge. It foremost started in 1820 and has been held about every spring since 1836. A batch of people come to watch this competition between England ‘s prima universities.

Americans are interested in different athleticss and activities. The major American athleticss are ice hockey, baseball, American football and hoops. The big pick of athleticss in America can be explained by the assortment and size of the state, its different climes and the people ‘s love of competitions of any type. The seasons of the “ four major athleticss ” frequently overlap.

Baseball is the most popular summer athletics in America. But the first baseball games start in warm, cheery parts like Florida and Arizona in winter. The first American baseball lucifer was held in 1839 in New York. There is an sentiment that baseball comes from a much older game, played in Europe for many old ages. To play baseball, two squads of nine participants are needed. The “ hurler ” throws the ball, and the “ hitter ” hits it with a chiropteran. Americans start playing baseball immature. There are “ conferences ” which kids of eight can fall in. The top participants become large stars.

Americans play most international athleticss, but they do non play football in the same manner as the remainder of the universe. American football is a game that does non hold much in common with association football. The participants can run with a ball, touch and push each other. The field is non traditional, and even the form of the ball is different. American football participants wear helmets on their caputs, because the game is really unsafe. American football squads have eleven participants.

Basketball was invented in the United States. A school teacher designed the regulations for a game that his pupils could play indoors. There are merely five participants in a hoops squad. Normally hoops participants are really tall and they show that hoops can be exciting. Ice hockey is America ‘s favorite winter game. It is really fast. It can be unsafe and its participants wear helmets excessively. Other athleticss and activities attract 1000000s of participants and witnesss in the USA. These are swimming, tennis, endurance contests, bowling, crosscountry skiing, skating, and badminton. Now triathlon is one of the most popular athleticss in the USA. & # 1063 ; comprises swimming, bike racing and long-distance running.

Many athleticss are popular in Russia. There are many bowls and public athleticss installations here. Numerous national and international lucifers and competiti

ons are on a regular basis held in our state. They attract big Numberss of fans. Most of the of import games are shown on Television. Football is believed to be Russia ‘s favorite athletics in summer, while many immature people play ice hockey in winter. Our state has been successful in different athleticss, particularly in ice hockey. During the Olympic Games the Russian jocks prove the repute of Russia as universe ‘s prima state in athleticss. The national squad of Russia has many times won the World Hockey Championships.

In Russia much attending is paid to organized athleticss and this should n’t dominate the many sporting activities which are portion of day-to-day Russian life. School kids spend their free clip playing football, hoops and other athleticss. In winter many Russians go in for skiing and skating. There are many skating rinks in the metropoliss.

– Is sport popular in your state?

– Today there is widespread involvement in athletics in Russia.

– What games do you play at school?

– -During PT classes students drama football, hoops, volleyball. Pupils besides do many exercisings that help them to maintain tantrum. In winter schools organise skiing competitions.

– What games are popular in Russia?

– Football, ice hockey and volleyball are certain to be the most popular games in Russia. A batch of fans go to the bowl to back up their squads. When it is non possible to travel to the bowl to back up the favorite squad people can watch competitions on Television. Television has made athleticss available to all. The accent on athleticss is apparent in flushing intelligence programmes.

– What football squads are popular in Russia?

– There are many good football squads in Russia. Moscow “ Spartak ” is the strongest and the most popular squad in Russia. Thousands of “ Spartak ” protagonists go to the bowl to see their squad drama. As for me, I prefer another Moscow squad, “ Locomotive. ” There are good participants in “ Loco ” and this squad has a great potency. I am certain that shortly “ Loco ” will take the topographic point of “ Spartak ” as the state ‘s title-holder.

– What British football squads do you cognize?

– In Great Britain there are four football titles that are held individually: in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The best participants are in England. Many football participants from Continental Europe semen to play for English squads. I guess that today the strongest football squad on the British Isles is Manchester “ United ” , although London “ Arsenal ” and “ Chelsea ” every bit good as Blackburn “ Rovers ” are fearful challengers. Scotland is noted for its Glasgow “ Rangers. ”

– Is football popular in the United States?

– Yes, it is. Football is highly popular in the United States, but they have different regulations of the game. The fact is that in the United States when they say football they mean American football, while European football is normally referred to as association football. In the recent old ages association football is deriving its popularity in the United States every bit good. In 1994 World Football Championship took topographic point in the United States. However in the United States association football is particularly popular among misss, while male childs prefer athleticss that are more traditional for their state – American football, baseball and hoops.

– Are you keen on athletics?

– Although athletics plays an of import function in my life, I do non travel in for it professionally. My pick of the athleticss depends upon the season. In summer I like to swim in the lakes and rivers and in winter I like to skate. Skating is a widespread activity among my friends. There are many skating rinks in our town. As for jogging I do it every forenoon all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

– Is sport of import for your household?

– Yes, it is. Our household is making athleticss on the recreational degree. My male parent is an devouring cheat participant. My female parent likes walking in the Parks. My sister prefers to acquire fit at place. She has a batch of books and video-cassettes with instructions how to make place exercising programmes. Although I do non travel in for athleticss, I am fond of such activities that allow me to maintain tantrum at place. I prefer ramble oning. We besides like to watch football, ice-hockey and tennis lucifers on Television.

– What do American school and colleges use athleticss activities far?

– American schools and colleges use athleticss activities as a manner of learning societal values. Among these are teamwork and sportsmanship. The mean high school offers its pupils a great assortment of athleticss, including rowing, wrestle, tennis and golf. That is why Americans have done good in many sorts of athleticss.

– What is regarded as an ideal in the USA?

– Being intelligent and being good in athleticss are regarded as an ideal. There are many colleges that have first-class academic repute and are besides good in athleticss.

– What worries professional American jocks today?

– Today athletics becomes more and more professional. But it is possible to demo high consequences merely at a certain age. Many sportswomans have to end their professional calling in their mid-thirtiess. At present professional jocks are concerned with acquiring a good instruction that will let them to happen good occupations when their playing yearss are over.

– Are at that place particular “ universities ” for athleticss in the USA?

– There are no separate “ universities ” for athleticss in the USA. Everyone in America can take part in athleticss activities. Public athleticss installations have ever been available in great figure for participants.

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