Sports Nutrition Essay Research Paper Andy AikinsFood

9 September 2017

Sports Nutrition Essay, Research Paper

Sports Nutrition Essay Research Paper Andy AikinsFood Essay Example

Andy Aikins

Food and Identity

Sports Nutrition Outline and Thesis


1. An athletes diet has a big consequence on his/her athletic public presentation

2. What an athlete chow is an built-in portion of his/her preparation, and will consequence every facet of their athletic public presentation


I: Presentation

A. Introduce subject

B. State why Sports nutrition is different from general nutrition.

C. Thesis ( see above )

Two: Dietary Guidelines

A. How many helpings of each nutrient group should an athlete eat? ( nutrient pyramid )

B. RDA & # 8217 ; s What they are, What they mean, How to utilize them

C. The Goal is to derive weight by increasing musculus mass and losing fat.

1. Eat nutrients high in protein, complex saccharides, and foods

2. Avoid debris nutrients ; nutrients low in anything good and high in fat and sugar.

D. Don & # 8217 ; t eat excessively much or excessively small nutrient.

1. Eating excessively much nutrient will increase your organic structure fat per centum

2. If you don & # 8217 ; t eat adequate nutrient, you will non hold plenty energy to work out, and you will non hold the foods and protein available to construct musculus.

Three: Why eat good?

A. For Sports

1. Increased benefit from preparation, for both aerophilic ( endurance ) and anaerobic ( power ) .

2.Increase musculus mass, and Reduced fat.

3. Bigger, Faster, Stronger. This is good for any competitory athletics

B. In General: Eating good will assist everything in your life, from your temper to your visual aspect. Besides eating good reduces the hazard of every

disease under the Sun.

Four: Effectss of a hapless diet for jocks:

A. Chronic exhaustion

B. Irritability

C. Restlessness

D. Increase in organic structure fat per centum

E. Decrease in musculus mass

F. Decreased fuel in musculus for intense ( anaerobiotic ) activity

Volt: Diet Planning:

A. General Principals:

1.Eat a assortment of good nutrients, Try to lodge to the groups in the nutrient pyramid, and eat a assortment of nutrients within each group.

2.Balance the sum of nutrient you eat with your sum of activity.

a.While you are in season or while you are working out intensely, you will necessitate more nutrient than when you are puting on the beach on your holiday.

B. Eat consequently

4. Tonss of Grain merchandises, Vegetables, Fruit, Complex Carbohydrates, Fiber, and Protein.

5. Cut back on Fat ( particularly saturated fat ) , and Na ( salt )

6. Don & # 8217 ; t Drink, or at least Don & # 8217 ; t imbibe excessively much excessively frequently.

B. Substitutions

1.Instead of this attempt this

2. This subdivision will be a clump of replacement nutrients that will assist better an jocks diet.

Six: Decision: What you eat effects your public presentation on the field. When you are eating maintain this in head. For a general regulation Don & # 8217 ; t worry excessively much about how much you eat worry about what you eat. Try to eat nutrients that have high nutrition denseness, that is nutrients that have a batch of foods for the sum of Calories that they have.

Note: All of the research that I have done so far comes from my fittingness and health text edition and my football summer conditioning manual. I can non turn either of these things in.

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