Sports Role in Your Life

What role do sports play in your life? “An athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature” To the typical person this Is what a sport Is; however I have a different Interpretation of the word. Throughout the years of my life sports have transformed from an extra curricular activity to a way of life. What sport you play defines who you are as a person and enhances your credibility in a social setting.

Also it demonstrates certain traits that you have acquired through the experience.Intellectual, endurance, determination, competition, dedication, cohesion, pride and hope” Are inspirational words I would use to define what a sport means. Each definition has a direct relation to my experiences playing the sport of field hockey and soccer. Being enrolled as a young child has given me the opportunity to be exposed to a productive way to have a healthy lifestyle. Today the world Is a competitive place -sports taught me to strive and compete for what I want out of life.By being Introduced to competition at a young age, I am able to pursue my dreams and prepare me for pot secondary education. This makes me a stronger person by giving me the skills to prosper in today’s society.

Being healthy is a big part of my life. In my youth sports was essential contributor to mum lifestyle of exercise and eating right. As well as introducing me to alternative ways to stay fit. Sports have not only influenced me physical but spiritually also.If you re satisfied with yourself on the outside it influences you to have a positive outlook of yourself on the inside. This can lead to finding true happiness. Stress Is a mall contributor to casualties In North America.

The highest proscribed medicine In Canada Is Anta Depressants such as Approach. These types of drugs are highly proscribed to teens. For me I use sports as my anta depressant. Being able to control each executed move on the field and by being given a challenge calms my soul.

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