One big aspect of sportsmanship, Is that It shows the love that an athlete has for he sport he or she plays. Whether a team wins or loses a game, by simply shaking hands you show good sportsmanship. When the loser tells the winner good game, and congratulates them, not only does this show that this person has been playing this game for a long time, but also that this person has respect for anyone involved in the sport. The same can be said for the winner. If the victor shows respect for the loser, the loser in turn will respect them.

No matter how bad a team are beating a team, If a team keeps the score reasonable and keep negative comments about the there team to yourself, you are being a good sport and showing respect to the other team. Believe it or not the other team will notice this, and realize that you respect them, and this will only make them respect you more. Another big controversy in sports is why are players penalized for celebrating, after scoring a goal, making a big shot, or scoring a touchdown? The answer to this question Is not an easy one.When one scores, or make a big play, a player has every right to be happy, and excited, but there Is a point at which the player could cross a nine, and they begin to taunt and disrespect the other team. That is the main reason one gets penalized for excessive celebration, because it is unsportsmanlike to taunt and disrespect your opponent. A player, must learn to be modest, and learn to act like he or she have been there before. One of the biggest words In the definition of sportsmanship Is “fair”.

In every sport, there are players who do not go by the rules and in some way, give themselves a leg up in the competition.A big way athletes do this is by doping, and taking illegal drugs, such as steroids. When players do this, they are cheating. Other players in the league, and on the team have worked hard to get where they are. When players take illegal drugs to give themselves a boost over the competition, it is the biggest sign of disrespect to any sport, or game one plays. This shows that you have become so obsessed with winning, someone will do anything to make sure he or she does not lose. That’s not what sports are about.

As children we were taught that soccer,football, baseball, were all games and you want to win, but the most important hinge is that a sport is fun! As you get older things get more competitive and athletes start to lose sight of why they started playing in the first place. To have fun! This is one thing that all athletes need to remember. Sportsmanship is one of the key elements In sports. A team has to be able to win shaking hands. Sportsmanship can be applied anywhere in life not Just in sports. Whether competing for a Job, a promotion, etc. If you are a “good sport” about it people will have the up most respect for you.

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