Spreadsheets Mobile Costs Analysis Students’ names

The first one is the $59. 00 Plan Cap of the Westend Mobile Company. This plan included 2 GB data and 823 minutes calling maximum per month, therefore it is high quantity and inexpensive choice. The model data I have used as a normal person to calculate the costs is that: 200 average calls per month, 5 minutes average length of call, 200 average SMS per month. Another plan belongs to the Optical Mobile Company with $79. 00 Plan Cap. This plan is more expensive than the former one, nevertheless, it included unlimited SMS and has 1280 minutes calling maximum per month.

This plan suit for the people who need spend more time to text and to call. In addition, both of them provided 2GB plenty of data to chatting online, check the emails or even watching videos. According to the data, I found that these costs was affected by several factors. The first one is the data captivity provided——more data provided require more money. The second is the Included Call Credit. Different company will allow different Included Call Credit to users which will directly affect the costs.

Apart from these, the differences in the flagfall costs, call rates per min and SMS rates will all affect the total costs. Furthermore, of course the Extras column will affect the costs. Firstly, some Extras column provided full time free when users contact with others who used the same company’s phone but some only allowed part-time free. Then, whether the Extras provide unlimited SMS to users will directly change the monthly SMS cost. Last, how many data were provided will also affect the costs. Specific Analysis Joanne Smith

Next, I have selected various plan caps for different person. Begin with Smith. I have selected two plan caps for him: Optical Mobile $19. 00, Westend Mobile $19. 00 Considering the requirements of Smith, which include short-time calls, few SMS sending, Optical Mobile and Westend Mobile, I selected two of the cheapest plan caps that are capable of satisfying the requirements Smith needs. Due to Smith doesn’t need to navigating on the Internet, I haven’t considered the data provided factor at all but care more about the call rates, SMS rates, free time provided and the price of plan caps.

Despite the Westend Mobile provided more calling-free time for users, I recommend Optical Mobile to Smith because it has low-price in call rates and SMS rates, and the maximum number of calls per month is 72, which is more than 2 times what Westend Mobile provided. Mark Mitchell After Smith is Mitchell. He has great demand for calling and navigation online, and the money, by the way, seems isn’t a big problem for him. So I selected 4 choices: Optical Mobile$79. 00, Tess Mobile $79. 00, Volt Mobile $79. 00, Westend Mobile $59. 00.

They all provided plentiful data for users (2GB, 1GB, 2GB, 2GB) and the maximum number calls per month of them are high enough for Mitchell (1280, 1880, 1328, 823). Because there is no limitation for money, so I just take the data provided, the call credit included and the maximum number calls allowed into account. The Volt Mobile $79. 00 is the one I recommend most for Mitchell. Although the maximum number calls of it seems lower than the Tess Mobile one, it actually included 1G more data than the Tess Mobile one, and the difference in maximum number calls between them, in reality, is not too big.

That’s why I recommend Volt one more than the Tess one. Trevor Pia Pia has lots of requirements such as lots of SMS sending, social networking using, contacting with friends on Westend and Tess, and more important, though he is working part-time, he is on a tight budget. Due to this reason, I have considered variedly and finally selected two plan caps for her: Tess Mobile$49. 00 and Westend Mobile $39. 00. Both of them are inexpensive, and the difference between them is that the latter one is more expensive but has more data provided, more call credit included, lower SMS rates.

These three factors are what I have considered most. I recommend he to choose the Tess Mobile if she is able to afford it because it is worth to improve so much aspect with only $10. Rosa Cheng The last one is Cheng. She likes to make calls and to send SMS messages, to navigate online sometimes and she is on a tight budget at the same time. In fact, I think Cheng is similar with Pia, therefore I have selected same two plan caps for her. And I also recommend Tess Mobile$49. 00 to her if it is economy available. Considering the reason for the choices is just as same as hat I have said before, I will not repeat it again. Conclusion Representing data in spreadsheet tables, column charts, bar graphs, or pie charts can directly help me illustrate what I want to represent, because these charts or graphs can obviously show the difference between data. Moreover, different charts and graphs are able to emphasize different point. For instance, column charts and bar graphs are capable of illustrating the contrast and compare noticeably, or showing the trend. The pie charts have more ability to show the portion.

The disadvantages, however, also existed— due to the charts and graphs can only show the relationship of data, it is hard to understand what the data really represent for, in other words, without words explanation, the data is meaningless. As I have said, different chart types are used in different ways. Column charts and bar charts are similar, so it is doesn’t matter to mix up them because both of them can show the comparing and the relationship between different kinds of data. The line charts, are used to illustrate a trend—increasing or decreasing.

The pie charts, generally used to point out the proportion a kind of data occupied in a group of data. I used 4 column charts for all the person analysis because it is unimportant to point out a trend or proportion in this case, and I think column charts are easier to read rather than bar charts. Therefore, all 4 analysis I have used are column charts. By the way, I have used a mixed charts in the principle analysis of all data. It mixed the column charts and line charts, so that I am able to read the trend and the difference at the same time. Thereby, mixed charts are another great choice when the kinds of data are more than normal.

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