Spring Break 6 by Luke Bryan

7 July 2019

We all like certain kinds of music but we aren’t born with our tastes and other characteristics. I am a pianist and I liken to think a good one. Depending on the time or mood, I mostly like country and rap music. Many people think of country music as the kind of music that “hicks” from the south listen to, but that just simply isn’t true. Country music has so many different flavors, they are just sometimes hard to detect. To the untrained ears, many say that all country music sounds the same and just tells the same stories over and over again. Although there is a little bit about southern hillbillies, there is quite a bit of music that will; fit your modern and contemporary needs.

The famed Luke Bryan has a new album fit perfectly for the time of year. His “Spring Break 6” album has many elements that might surprise quite a few folks. Most of the six songs throw in a flare of electronic music and each makes you forget about school or work and think about what your spring break might be like. The songs are as follows, “She Get Me High”, “ Like We Ain’t Ever”, Night One”, “Are You Leaving With Him”, “Good Lookin’ Girl”, and “The Sand I Brought To The Beach”. Now I’m sure that to many country skepticists, these all sound like common country topics, but, to any Luke Bryan fan or someone looking for something fresh with a little bit of twist, I highly recommend Luke Bryan’s latest album, Spring Break 6.

Spring Break 6 by Luke Bryan Essay Example

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