St. Augustine & The Good Life

4 April 2015
Christian thinker’s ideas on happiness, compared to Stoics & Epicureans, virtue, God-human relationship, ethics, grace, good & evil, love.

Philosophers of the classical western tradition concern themselves with questions regarding the basic nature of existence. What is life? Is there something beyond the corporeal world? How does one establish values? What is logic? One area of western philosophy is axiology, a field concerned with values and including aesthetics and ethics. Ethical questions address human behavior and what constitutes good conduct, the ultimate goal of these questions being discovery of what constitutes the good life. Does life have a goal? If so, what is it? Is there a guiding principle for living well? To what extent should we concern ourselves with others? Is the good life living pleasurably in the here and now, or is there greater good in living as if…
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