St. John Rivers vs. Edward Rochester

4 April 2015
Analysis and comparison of these two characters in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre physically, philosophically, and psychologically.

This paper is a character comparison and contrast of St. John Rivers and Mr. Rochester in Charlotte Bronte?s ?Jane Eyre.? The author focuses on the differences in their manner of presenting themselves, in their dispositions, in their philosophies on life and on Jane, and also in their views of marriage and relationships.

From the paper:

One device that authors use to make their characters stand out in the reader?s memory is the use of the foil. In Charlotte Bronte?s Jane Eyre, the two men in Jane?s life are drastically different in their appearance, in their philosophies on life and love, and in the role they play in Jane?s development. By delving into these differences, as well as noting where they are in agreement, it should be possible to learn more about the needs and wants of the heroine herself.

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