St. Lunatics

9 September 2019

Are you the type who only listens toone kind of music? Well, take a chance and listen to something different: rhythmdancing music. The St. Lunatics are a new group flying up the charts. You mayknow the star soloist, Nelly. The group also includes Ali, Kewjaun, Merphy, andCity Spud.

The St. Lunatics are a hip-hop group from St. Louis. You maythink all rap artists have similar lyrics and use the same beats continuously,but the St. Lunatics have a different, upbeat rhythm and stylish lyrics. Mostpeople assume that hip-hop artists have, shall we say, a unique way of expressingtheir lyrics. One reason to get this CD is to let the St. Lunatics proveotherwise. The song “Groovin’ Tonight,” featuring Brian McKnight, showsthey can have heartwarming love songs too.

If you’re in the mood to listento hip-hop, the St. Lunatics are a great choice. This CD does have some foullanguage, but it’s also available without it. I am sure you will be pleased withthe new and stellar beats and lyrics.

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