Stages of Genocide

There are 8 stages of genocide the first stage is classification. The Jewish people, homosexuals, handicapped, and gypsies were the main target for the Nazi’s. The reason why was because Adolf Hitler thought that Germany was becoming weaker because of the people who he thought were to be Genetically week. His idea of a non weak person is a person who is pale, blonde hair, and blue eyes. The second stage of Genocide is Symbolization, the Nazi soldier’s symbolized targeted people with different color triangles.

The homosexuals had a pink triangle, brown triangles for gypsies, green for criminals, and red for political enemies. All of the people who were marked with triangles were targeted very easy, were harassed, but the main purpose of the coloured triangles was so they would be easy identified. The third stage of Genocide is Dehumanization, German doctors would experiment on the people they kept prisoners like animals because they were trying to find out how to make the perfect human being. The fourth stage of genocide is Organization, the way that Nazi’s prepared for the

Genocide was by putting people into Ghettos for easy access. Then the weak would be moved off to be exterminated. The fifth stage of Genocide is Polarization The Jews were often told by Nazi soldiers that they were not worthy to live in normal towns so they put the Jews into Ghettos which were often dirty, disease ridden and low on food. The Nazi soldiers acted like they were greater then everyone. The sixth stage of Genocide is Preparation They prepared for genocide by splitting people up and putting them into

Ghettos for easy access and making coloured triangles for easy identification and punishment. The seventh stage of Genocide is Extermination. Many people died in the holocaust inlcuding Jews, Roman, homosexuals. Around 6 million people overall died because of this Holocaust and up to 1. 5 million were kids. The last stage of Genocide is Denial Holocaust denial is the claim that the genocide never happened. It was claimed that only 2,700 people died because of World War I and that camps could not have held that many people.

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