Staind – Chapter V

8 August 2019

Staind has been my favorite band for five years and never fails to create amazing songs with each CD. “Chapter V,” however, is definitely not their best album. Aaron Lewis, the lead singer, continues to use his incredible talent to create songs that are heavy and dark, but this time, the songs are repetitive.

“Chapter V” rather resembles “Break the Cycle” and with just 12 songs, it is pretty evenly split between heavy and soft tracks.

If you are looking for Staind’s old heavy music, then “Cross to Bear,” “Falling,” “King of All Excuses,” “Paper Jesus,” “Reply” and “Run Away” will be your favorites. If you are a fan of the acoustic-type songs, “Devil,” “Everything Changes,” “Please,” “Schizophrenic Conversations” and “Right Here” will be more your style. As with all of Staind’s albums, there’s at least one song for everyone.

I give this CD four out of five stars even though Staind has just repeated what they have said in the past.

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It may not be Staind’s best, but everyone can still enjoy this album.

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