Stakeholders Conflict

12 December 2016

Tesco vs Employees Fuel delivery drivers to strike: Transport workers delivering fuel to Tesco forecourts are to stage a two-day strike in a row over jobs because they were not getting pay properly. The stakeholders who were affected was Tesco sales and employees. Because of this conflict lots of people will be affected e. g. Tesco fuel supplier and employees because if there is no fuel will be deliver to the Tesco stations so people will not get any fuel and this will effect the Tesco employees by not getting their salaries and wages properly.

The solution of this problem is they should avoid the strikes and pay the fuel delivery divers on time and properly. Tesco vs. Customers Will protests hurt the Tesco brand? The UK’s supermarket group Tesco has reported another set of strong financial figures, showing how its influence is growing rapidly to dominate ever more people’s shopping habits. Though the UK remains its main market, the group’s global footprint is also growing fast. Tesco operates more than 2,300 stores in 13 countries, including Japan, Poland, Turkey, Hungary, and a joint venture in China.

But not everyone is happy at such supermarket success stories. There is a growing coalition raising questions about how global giants, including Tesco, affect independent retailers, producers at home and abroad, and the environment. Lots of other super market are affected by this conflict e. g. asda, Salisbury, Morrison’s etc. Tesco vs supermarket price war Tesco is preparing to launch a major price-cutting initiative this weekend, in a move that could have serious implications for the supermarket sector as it tries to woo squeezed consumers.

But Asda and Sainsbury don’t agree. People will be affected are other supermarkets e. g. Salisbury, asda, Morrison’s etc. Tesco is trying to reducing the price so customers will afford it. They want to promote their products by giving club card points, vouchers and other things. Tesco do one thing different from others is called club cards point. Other supermarkets such as Sainsbury and Asda are not happy with this situation because it is going to affect them as well.

They are also claiming to offer cheapest price to their customers. Tesco are going to give one club card points on ? 1 spent that’s latest offers of Tesco. Tesco is offering cheapest price people will not buy from the other supermarkets. It will also affect their sales and profits because people will not buy much of their product to increase the profits. The solution of this problem is they all should plan together for prices. Tesco should know if they are right price for the product.

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