Stand in Favour of Corruption

Teachers and my dear Friends. I take my stand in favor of this topic “In a land of scams and scandals, corruption is the only way of life”. Had the topic been just ‘’ Corruption is the only way of life ‘’ then I would have surely refuted it, but the presence of the adverbial ‘’ In a land of scams and scandals’’ changes things. In a land where law makers are law breakers, can a common man survive without bending some rules? We often hear our elders saying, “Never keep a rotten mango in a basket of good ones.

It will spoil the whole lot’’. What will happen if we reverse this situation i. e. keep a good one in a basket of rotten ones? Does this good one have any chances of survival? Same is the case with the modern world. There is rampant corruption everywhere and so there is no other way left for man but to be corrupt. A majority when faced with this topic would address the nature of corruption, but I’ll take a different angle and focus on the causes of corruption. The root cause of corruption is man’s desire.

It is in our nature to desire what we don’t have. Life is a corrupting process, from the time a child learns to play off his mother against his father, in the politics of when to go to bed. This proceeds from parents to God. We ask Him something and promise an offering in return. Isn’t this bribing God? Corruption becomes his way of life. Rousseau once said, “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”. In the land of scams and scandals these are the chains of corruption. In such a land being corrupt is not a luxury but it is a necessity.

From the rich to the poor, from the high profile to the low profile, everyone must take a dip into the polluted river of corruption that traverses the land of scams and scandals. Majority of India’s population lives below the poverty line. These families survive on their ration quota. Thus, the head of the family prefers to pay bribes and procuring the ration card in 15 minutes rather than starving his entire family for 15 days. Besides, he does not have the time to wait in long queues as he is the lone breadwinner of the family.

Today, in many professions, being corrupt ensures an individual’s survival. In a profession like journalism, it becomes a question of life and death. Take the case of the Mumbai journalist Jyotirmoy Dey who was assassinated for exposing the corrupt mafia. Bureaucracy and law enforcement demand corrupt people as the topmost officials are corrupt. As the saying goes, “As is the King, So are the subjects”. The rich people look out for profits and to do so they need to grab any opportunity that comes their way. For them corruption is a sword to slay their rivals.

If they wait for the normal legal procedure then they’ll be slain. We often complain of students who get their admissions through paid seats. But then, are only the intelligent ones who have a right to earn a living? This in itself is an inequality. We have some intelligent and some not-so-intelligent people. The not-so-intelligent ones must use unequal ways to fight this inequality. In a world where money makes the world go round, the paradox is such that, in order to fulfill moral obligations one must have the support of money. Progress is synonymous with increase in economic power.

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