Standardized Testing

You wake up in the morning belated for the bus because of sleeping late. You arrive in school, forgetting to brush your teeth and comb your hair. When you are confronted with the test, you are so tired and you get a pink eye. The next event you know is that you fail the test. Do you want to fail for just having an inadequate day? Standardized testing may cause you to stay in the same grade just for having an inadequate day, not getting enough sleep, etc. Standardized testing should not be about whether you’re smart or not for the next grade, it should be about if the student is learning or not.

I believe that standardized testing should not be used to promote student to the next grade only if they accomplish a score of 225 or above. Due to the fact that a standardized test is mostly on language arts and math; some people may not focus on science and social studies. Science and social studies are essential subjects in schools and are needed throughout your life. Social studies are important because it teaches about geography, different cultures and history from the past. Social studies also teach students how to be well-informed, critically thinking adults of their world.

On the other hand, science is also very important because that’s what makes us human. Science teaches the fields of mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences. It builds up wealth of knowledge, info and data. It solves many questions of life like how does it work, why is it happening and what if. Science and social studies are not subjects that students should avoid because they are very important in many different ways. By not focusing and concentrating on these subjects, you are losing half of your studies.

One example of this is if he or she wants to be a scientist, they will have to focus on that subject and show a lot of interest, because you can’t just read it and automatically get it. On the other hand, they have to study hard to get a score of 225 or above. So, this makes them study more on math and language arts than science. So, there may not be a big chance to be a scientist. To sum it up, standardized test shouldn’t be the cause to make a student go to the next grade for having a score of 225 or above. Another thing to consider is homework. By making standardized test a way to romote a student to the next grade level, the student may not do their homework in other subjects. The teachers may not motivate the students to do their homework, because the student’s grade depends on what they get in standardized testing. This will make the students slack off by not doing their homework. Following that, students may concentrate on studying than doing their homework. Doing homework is very important because it helps you to remember the things you learned in class. Homework takes the learning experience and lets you apply the essential critical thinking skills.

Also homework is important because it teaches children discipline. It helps you budget the time for your activities and homework. By doing homework you keep your brain functioning at a high level throughout the rest of the day and life. For example, if a student doesn’t do their homework, they might forget the information they learned in the class. This will affect them when they are adults because by doing homework it will exercise their brains, teach discipline and teaches you critical thinking skills. These aspects are needed when you are older and work.

Even though, there are some disadvantages of homework, homework has a positive impact in education. Doing homework, will not waste your time, it will make you gain more knowledge about the subject. These reasons should be strong enough to persuade the educational researchers to not make standardized test the way to promote the students to the next grade. Even though, standardized test should not be a way to promote a student to the next grade there is also a positive impact in doing so. The advantage is that standardized test is a way to prepare you for more advanced tests in high school such as SATS and ACTS.

By making this a way to promote a student to the next grade, this will make the students get better idea at writing essay and how the people will grade it. They also get an idea how to improve their skills in math and get an idea what question will be coming their way. Altogether, this will improve the student’s skills in language arts and math, which are important subjects during the tests. These subjects are important throughout our life. It will intact you to work harder and concentrate on the tests throughout the course of the year.

For example, if you don’t study and don’t take the test seriously it will impact you when you take more advanced exams. You will have difficulty when studying and taking the test. Following that, standardized tests make you more independent. Since, throughout the year you have gotten your teachers help and this is the time that “you” use your knowledge that you learned in to the task. When taking the test you are all by yourself and you are the teacher for your own brain. There is no teachers help; it is just you and your brain during the test.

By being more independent you will have an advantage that when you’re in college and studying for all the tests. Standardized test may not always be defective it may be affective in some cases. I believe to make standardized testing not a way to promote a student to the next grade. Students should focus on all subjects not only one or two. They should have motivation from the teachers to tell them to do all of their homework. However, standardized testing also has a positive impact in education. The students should be the next generation of adults and they have got good education to make this happen. Which side are you on?

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