Stanza Analysis of the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

2 February 2017

This man was nearly asleep and his senses were really sharp when he hears a knocking on his door. He began to be a little scared, for the night was creepy. Stanza 2 This man was feeling nostalgic. When he heard the knocking on that door he imagined his diseased wife, he wants the past back. Stanza 3 This man started to visualize things that didn’t actually happen. He felt like someone was there entering through the door. Stanza 4 The man decides to face that thing that is breaking in, but he gets no answer.

He stares at the darkness. Stanza 5 The man stares at the darkness, even if he can’t see a thing he feels something’s there. Then the man imagines the word Leonor to be spoken, right after he had said it before, just like an echo. Stanza 6 After he heard all of this he started to imagine a tapping noise. When he realizes what he hears he begins to convince himself that nothing’s wrong. Stanza 7 He opens up and see a huge Raven just standing there. The raven’s attitude began to make him scared.

Stanza Analysis of the Raven by Edgar Allan Poe Essay Example

He found out the sound wasn’t just the wind. Stanza 8 He’s amused by the bird and he asks the Raven’s name. When the bird tells him his name is Nevermore he starts thinking that the Raven is truly conscious of this. He imagines the raven speaking to him and wanting to hurt him. Stanza 9 The Raven’s name is “Nevermore”. The man starts saying that no man ever had a staring raven. He realizes that this is something nearly fantastic but he doesn’t accept it. Stanza 10 He looks at the raven just staring there.

He faces the Raven and thinks positively, he thinks that the Raven will go away with the morrow. Stanza 11 He starts to say that surely what happened to the Raven is that someone was “bad” at him. He almost says his name with fear now. The man is trying to convince himself everything will be just fine. Stanza 12 The man stares at the raven; he looks at him and decides to relax. He sits and starts asking himself why is the raven there. Stanza 13 In here while the man sat there wondering what the raven means.

He looks at the raven’s eyes and starts to remember Leonor and he feels nostalgic because she will never sit on that chair anymore. Stanza 14 In here the man starts to discover what does the raven means. He remembers how he had prayed for forgiveness before and realizes that what the bird means is that he will never see Leonor again, nevermore. Stanza 15 The man asks to the raven if there is any way that he can stop his sorrow. There the raven tells him that his pain will last forever. No matter what he does.

Stanza 16 The man begins to ask the raven what he could do to be again with his lover. He starts to consider suicide to be again with Leonor. Stanza 17 The Raven can only say the word nevermore. Here he asks the raven to go away and not leave even a trace. He tells him to leave him alone with his sorrow and the bird answers, to vary nevermore. Stanza 18 In here the man only explains what happens next. The raven never left, so he says that his pain will always be there, just like the raven that will leave nevermore.

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