Star Wars: The Movie

4 April 2015
A discussion on the story telling in “Star Wars” and on various aspects of fairy tales.

This essay analyzes the movie “Star Wars” in terms of it fairy tale stories. The author provides several examples of known fairy tales and discusses the relationship between fairy tales, culture and unconsciousness.
“Even who has ever seen the first “Star Wars” movie knows that it has its, well, less then stellar, moments. A good deal of the dialogue could charitably be described as wooden. The special effects are fine, but beginning to look their age. There are some serious holes in the plot.

Star Wars: The Movie Essay Example

But none of this matters as much as it should for the simple reason that the film is a great piece of storytelling. Writer George Lucas has said about this film that “I realized that there are really no modern fairy tales… I wanted to make a … film that would strengthen contemporary mythology and introduce a kind of basic morality” and this is fact does capture what has made the film such a cult classic. By using the structure and much of the basic symbolism of traditional fairy tales, the film connected instantly with people’s sense of an archetypal quest.”

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