Starboy by The weeknd

After the massive success of The Weeknd in Beauty Behind the Madness, which reached 1 in billboard 200. The album had viral hits like “The hills”, “In the night”, and “I can’t feel my face”, with all of them having millions of views on YouTube. The album still has an advantageous position in the list to this day being 90 in all the other albums, after 115 weeks of its release. Many were very skeptical about his next album, “what is he going to make next, does he still have it”? When The Weeknd released “Starboy” the internet was waiting for new releases of more music, The Weeknd teased about his new album but first released several songs like “I feel it coming” and “False Alarm”. After some time, The Weeknd finally released the album called “Starboy” on November 25, 2016. The album was an instant success with songs that became platinum like “Starboy”, “I feel it coming”, “Party Monster”, “Reminder”, “Rockin”, and “Die for You”, and the album was certified double platinum. The album in its first week sold about 209,00 copies.
The album features Lana Del Rey, Future, Daft Punk, and Kendrick Lamar, which I think was great. The album was a wonderful experience, it’s old but it has great beats, lyrics and flow that makes you bop your head back and forth when listening to it. The songs each had their own message that was different in many ways, while some songs talked about relationships another would talk about cheating, doing drugs and partying hard. Take for example the song secrets, the guy has been cheated on by his partner many times. Also in another song, he says that no matter what happens between him and her partner he will care about her and would even die for her. Or another song that says that he need his partner to be happy, he is sad and incomplete without her and needs her. There are many emotions and feelings being expressed in just this album, sadness, loneliness, lustfulness, happiness, acceptance, abandonment, truthfulness, infidelity, reincarnation, and love.
The Weeknd is known for involving or talking about his relationships like his high-profile relationship with Bella Hadid, he is heard referencing the relationship in “Die for You” were he says that even if they are not still “together” he cares for her wellbeing.But he denies it (they spilt a few weeks before the album “Starboy” was released. Starboy is a album that carries many emotions and I personally love that, the way The Weeknd expresses himself is great, many other believe my statement as he is one of the most influential R&B artists.

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