5 May 2017

Research Question/Problem The consumer purchasing habits in Starbucks Terms of Reference 1 . This study aims to investigate the reasons for the consumer’s loyalty to a brand. Reason is through the brand product sales and service process. A coffee shop so will directly affect the consumer behaviour. 2. Research of consumers’ consumption psychology and consumption behavior, and analysis of various influencing factors. Consumer psychology and consumer behavior reveals the change law of consumer behavior.

The research involves the Starbucks Company clear and focus on the ustomer’s favourite flavour, and to introduce suitable products to meet customer needs. 3. Triangulation of the data sources will let us know which products to make customer choice in Starbucks consumption and the consumer’s point of view. From their point of view the recommendations and conclusions drawn. Background and Context Starbucks Coffee Company was first set up in 1971 in Seattle, Washington and has grown into one of the world’s largest chain of coffeehouses.

Today, there are 17,000 stores in 55 different countries. Why a cup of coffee can sell so well? For many young people, Starbucks is not Just a cup of coffee. It is a popular way of life. The leisurely and carefree, quick, warm coffee culture into life. In terms of today’s competitive society, not Just only Starbucks cafe. In addition also have a lot of similar companies, like Costa, Nero, etc. All have a group of target customers. The size of the guest group of positioning is to determine the future space.

These companies have a lot of stores. But in order to meet the needs of customers, the enterprise will be based on consumer psychology and behavior to formulate marketing principles and strategies. Global consistent management, quality and taste, each a cup of coffee has the same aste, one of the reasons for consumers to choose this brand. This is Starbucks has consumers as indicators. Consumer crowd is the sole criterion for consideration, if you want to keep this group of consumers, from service, sales to shape a good reputation.

Which directly affect the customer’s consumption behavior and purchasing habits, let them on the use of the product has a regulation time for consumption. In clear the corresponding market positioning and trying to give each customer a unique experience, Starbucks can quickly is also many reasons for success: Consumer behaviour Consumer behaviour is the exchange of the product or services are closely linked together. Under the condition of modern market economy, Starbucks is focus on consumer behavior and consumers establish and develop long-term exchange relationship.

Therefore, not only need to understand how consumers access to products and services, but also need to understand how consumers are consumer products, and now products atter tinisned the handled. Because consumer experience, the way consumers to dispose of the old products and feelings will affect consumer’s next round of purchases, that is to say, the long-term exchange elationship between Starbucks and consumers directly. So in this research, the consumer has played a very important role. Robert, Malcolm and Marc, 2013) Purchasing habits When purchasing becomes a habit, Starbucks enterprise goal- to be the customer “magnet”. Starbucks can actually put this brand to pull from rivals, customers into its stores, coffee and other things. Why sell business magazine in the newsstands along any time cover nearly half of the article is about the Starbucks? Because they won the customers. For their customers, they are indispensable. Starbucks found their avorite thing to do, do best, customer the most important thing between the three points of appeal.

For the customers, Starbucks is satisfying. Recreational use of time Where customers, Starbucks is where to go. Starbucks is based on the customer as the center, can attract customers willing to take the time to taste a cup of coffee. And some customers use the accompanied cup of Starbucks to buy coffee, visible to the customer brand loyalty. Enterprises created good reputation can retain customers, Starbucks did it. Summary of Relevant Theory Discussions could include: In this researcher, involved marketing, consumer, branding and market position.

Marketing Lamb, Hair & MacDaniel (2010) indicates that Marketing is by creating products and services, and carries on the exchange with others, so as to meet the demands of others or yourself at the same time, in the process, often use product, price, channel, public relations, sales promotion and other marketing strategies to realize the exchange behaviour. Consumer Cross, Robert G. (1997) Customer means any acceptance or may accept the goods or service objects, to accept or may accept any units and individuals to provide goods or ervices of the individual or entity can be referred to as a customer.

Branding Discuss the impact on the branding and market position. In comprehensive analysis under the premise of the target market and competitive situation, to establish a unique brand image, conforms to the original product and the brand overall image design, transmission, so the target consumer heart occupies a unique position value or the process of action. Main goal is through the psychological feelings of consumers to the brand overall image design, the essence of which is based on the characteristics of target consumers, design the product attribute and spread the rand value, and LIS the target customers.

Market position the brand nas a unique posit ion in the minds ot Damien and David (2010) discuss of the maintenance of a strong market position. It is have too many similar products now, consumer choice and purchase reason is depends on the effective positioning of enterprise to solve. After market positioning refers to determine its target market, the enterprise will through what kind of marketing mode, to provide what kind of products and services, in the target market and competitors in order to show the difference, so as to set up the enterprise image, achieve a favourable competitive position.

Methodology Questionnaire survey: Whether researchers involved in the investigation, or to participate in many, can know from the questionnaire respondents basic attitude and behaviour of Starbucks. This way is also not possible any other method and questionnaire survey can cycle and not subject to investigation personnel change, can track some problem users change. Purpose is received a large number of customers the information and recommendations to Starbucks, to continuous improvement to do better.

Case study: Through the case study, can promote enterprise operation and service for customers to work for interpretation and reflection. And effectively enhance enterprise’s market position. This is the case about Starbucks’ Entry into China (Market research, 2011). Starbucks moves towards the internationalization, but also take customers as an important strategy of marketing. But due to cultural differences, also bring some risk to Starbucks. Combined with case study to know advantages and disadvantages of marketing.

Market analysis: According to the results of market research, Starbucks will emerge with conclusions on certain products to make adjustments or changes. Market analysis is the precondition of management decisions, only fully understand the market, nderstand market demand, the analysis of the market to make scientific Judgment, decision making is targeted, so as to develop the market, make the enterprise to thrive. Collection of secondary data: The secondary data is collected for certain purposes rather than the problem at hand.

After fully analysis of the secondary data, to illustrate some of the marketing problem is really useful. Function of this method is to find the truth. Such as consumer buying behavior and confirm consumption type. After identify trends can be established the market potential of the model to evaluate Starbucks. Research the data of the 2010 Starbucks positioning (Tim, 2012), can clearly know Starbucks quality Compare findings and discuss the consumer purchasing habits in Starbucks, make a market analysis.

Timescale March 21 2013: Design question which is aimed at ‘The consumer purchasing habits in Starbucks’ and design main survey with consumer behaviour/purchasing habits/ recreational use of time March 30 2013: draft methodology April 1 2013: search for the history of Starbucks on the website, read ‘Company Background, Venture and Growing Frustration’, consider the background of the Starbucks. April 2 2013: compile introduction and further search on the website, and read some book and Journal articles for some examples.

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