Starbucks is a coffee company, which began in 1971. The name starbucks is derived from two English words;star and bucks which literally mean a star shining in terms of profit. The company is indeed a star that shines over its competitor. Since it was started the company have continued to offers one of the highest quality of Arabica coffee in the world. Today the company has over 160000 stores in 45 countries. Recently it announced a strategic licensing partnership with SSP Company. Its name must have definitely contributed to the tremendous growth that the company has experienced in the past ( starbucks,2008).

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The current price of a share of starbucks stock is $ 16.60 with an intraday high of $16.88 and intraday low of $16.38. In a period of one year the company share market have recorded the high of $28.19 and the low of 13.33.Note that the information is based on the company’s data which is dated 08/08/08.

Starbucks is a company like any other in many ways. It is neither their product line nor their qualified personnel that makes the company different from the rest. It is their philosophy.

The company has very realistic philosophy guided by goal driven principles. The company embraces diversity as a part of doing business. Its major concern is to apply the maximum standards of fineness in sourcing, roasting and availing their coffee products. Starbucks products are nutrient dense. In addition, the company does not relent in providing the best job environment where workers practice immaculate discipline and maximum respect. The company recognizes a responsibility in giving back to the society. It has an environment mission statement that comprehensively covers their commitment in environmental conservation(starbucks,2008).

The company philosophy is the backbone of their success story. According to (starbucks, 2008)today is one of the major coffee companies in the world, offering more than 87000 diverse drink blends to suit individual taste.


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            <> 19th August 2008.

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