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12 December 2016

Starbucks values and respects the diversity of it’s culture. [1] Starbucks partners (the employees) are sought out and engaged to create a business environment as diverse as the communities and customers they serve. 1 As evidence to their non-discriminatory practices, Starbucks has earned a 100% rating from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for the past 4 year. [2] This rating assesses what companies are fair and non-discriminatory towards LGBT employees and potential employees. 2

In addition to non discriminatory acts towards employees, Starbucks is also working to develop diversity within it’s suppliers, trying to increase business with minority and women owned suppliers. 1 Accessibility Starbucks is working towards making it’s stores as well as it’s workplace accessible to all people with disabilities. [3] They are working towards removing all barriers through the lowering of hand-off counters where customers obtain their drinks, and by publishing a braille brochure that is currently only in distribution in US stores. Starbucks is also looking to broaden the inclusion of disabled people into the workplace through the Starbucks Access Alliance, a forum of current partners looking at how operations can change to become more accessible.

Starbucks Csr Essay Example

[4] Environmental Issues Recycling Most of the waste generated by Starbucks stores occurs behind the scenes in the form of cardboard boxes, milk and syrup jugs, and coffee grounds. [5] The success rate of recycling these materials relies heavily on the availability of commercial recycling, which are often less inclusive than residential recycling, or unavailable entirely. Starbucks is working with recycling providers, sorting centres, and local government in major cities to increase and improve the availability of recycling opportunities for commercial companies5, and providing interested customers with complimentary used coffee grounds to enrich the soil of their home gardens. 5 The success of reducing waste from Starbucks’ cups relies on two factors, customer use of tumblers, and the development of recyclable cup solutions. 5 Starbucks encourages the use of tumblers by offering customers a 10? iscount when they bring in their own reusable cup. 5 Starbucks is aiming to serve 5% of it’s beverages in reusable mugs or tumblers by 2015, and is working toward that goal with an increase from 1. 5% in 2009, to 1. 9% in 2011. [6] Customers who plan on staying in store can also request that their beverage be served in a ceramic mug. [7] Customer initiative in the use of reusable options saved more than 1. 5 million pounds of paper from landfills in 2011. [8] Green Stores

Beginning in 2011, Starbucks is aiming to build all company-owned stores to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. 8 The goal of obtaining LEED certification is in place to help the company reach it’s environmental goals and deliver long term operating cost reductions. 8 In the 2011 fiscal year, Starbucks was able to build 75% of new stores to achieve LEED certification. 8 During the construction of these stores 60% less construction waste was generated8 and contractors were required to use minimally toxic methods and practices to improve the air quality of the store. 9] Once open, these stores will require less water and energy to operate8 by using efficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning, Energy Star rated appliances, and water efficient fixtures. 9 While LEED certification only addresses new company-owned stores, Starbucks is continuously looking to improve environmental design practices in all of it’s stores. 8 Energy & Water Consumption Starbucks is working to decrease the energy use and water use in it’s store by using more efficient practices, appliances, and lighting. Installing LED lighting in it stores, Starbucks is conserving and average of 7% of the energy used before the change.

8 They are working to convert their outdoor signage to LED as well, which would further reduce their electricity use. 8 Although the use of water in their products can’t be minimized they are working to minimize the water filtered from their intake by using higher efficiency filter, as well as installing dishwashers and washroom fixtures that are utilize less water. 8 Starbucks is also taking a smaller step by landscaping with draught resistant plants to reduce the need for irrigation. Starbucks acknowledges that they will always require the use of electricity, and so they are also invested in the future of renewable energy. 8 In 2010, Starbucks established the goal of owning owning Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equivalent to the power used by all of their stores world-wide. 8 In 2011, the company reached was able to purchase RECs equivalent to 50% of the companies energy use, and also began research into the integration of solar energy to their stores. [10] Customer Relationships Community Service & Investments

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