Starting Push-Cart Vending Business

4 April 2015
General & specific needs & obstacles: capital, expenses, location, regulation, organization.

Starting a small business can be a daunting proposition for many individuals. Those who have worked for other organizations may have a misguided sense of what it takes to succeed in business (having been insulated from all of the decisions which affect a business) while those who are just entering the business world may lack the general business knowledge which can contribute to success. Despite these risks, the prospect of owning one’s own business and being one’s own boss has a strong allure for many individuals. This research examines the issues associated with starting a small business and the factors which may contribute to or hinder a new enterprise’s success.

Starting Push-Cart Vending Business Essay Example

The business being considered is a push-cart vending service featuring hot dogs to be sold outside. This business was chosen because of the low start-up costs (the cart), the low labor …

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