State Fair

5 May 2019

Up and down the tunnel, weaving through the crowd before the product heats up. With four stands and people packed between each, there has to be a faster way. Chris texts, “‘A’ needs cheesecake.”

Good thing I’m at ‘C’ and can steal some from there. When I arrive, I see they’re at a quarter ‘nanas. I text Mike, “‘A’ has quarter ‘nanas.”

State Fair Essay Example

On my way down Mara asks, “Can you bring a case of cheesecake when you come back up?”

“How’re you on ‘nanas?”

She checks. “About half.”

“Then you’re getting some too.”

On a busy day like Saturday, ‘B’ will go through those bananas in no time. I take the long trip though the tunnel, happy for the gusts blowing through. When I get to the trailer, I knock on the door and Mike pops out with a bucket. “Here’s ‘A’s bananas.”

I tell him, “‘B’ needs half a tub and wants cheesecake.”

“Well if Mara asks for anything, you better give it to her.”

He starts counting ‘nanas while I load the dolly with cakes and ‘nanas. When he’s finished I tell him, “I’m off.”

I arrive at ‘B’ with a line in front of it. I shove ‘C’s new cakes in the back freezer while I’m waiting for a chance to give Mara or Andy their stock between customers, not wanting the product to get soft. I’ll return ‘C’s cakes on my walk back down. As I deliver ‘A’s bananas, I receive another text, this time from Allison, “I want my cake back now.”

After a small rest and a quick drink I’m off through the crowd once more.

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