State of the Nation Address of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino Iii, President of the Philippines to the Congress of the Philippines

4 April 2017

Our President Benigno S. Aquino III mentioned about the social accountabilities which is referring to the following: •Wang wang represent the abuse of authority because Instead of behaving as public servant, wang-wang was used by public officials to violate traffic laws and at the same time they acted like kings. Also exists in private sector and agriculture, and to end the wang-wang culture in government, zero-based budgeting was employed to review programs. For this year and the last, zero-based budgeting has allowed ending many wasteful programs. •The cancellation of ARMM election was one of several serious decisions he made.

And he is not lamenting it at all. He then justified it by saying that since massive cheating has been rampant in the region during the past elections, he thought that waiting for the next midterm fully-automated election is not inexpensive but will give credible result. And so, the solution is synchronization that can have a result of fairer elections. •President Noynoy also mentioned about DPWH as one of the most productive departments in his government mentioning about billions of pesos saved so far because of the cancellation of projects tainted with graft and corruption. He also talks about good news from DOE that there are more than 140 investors expressed interests in oil exploration in just one year. And in 2014, our country will enjoy lower power rates because more power supply shall be finished. •Pnoy also appointed a proven woman of integrity in the person of retired Justice Carpio Morales. Many believed that Carpio, at 70 is the perfect person to handle the delicate position of ombudsman. And most of the interviewed public figures from pro and opposition that it’s indeed a good choice by the President. He also talked about the foremost pledge to the Filipino people that is to create more jobs and it was successfully delivered because one million and four hundred jobs were created last year. Organizations such as DOLE, CHED, TESDA, and Dep-Ed are working together to address this issue. Curricula will be reviewed and analyzed to better direct them to industries that are in need of workers, and students will be guided so that they may choose courses that will arm them with the skills apt for vacant jobs. He also mentioned of giving poor families a chance to improve their lives. With a compliance rate of 92%, millions of mothers are already getting regular check-ups at public health centers, millions of babies are being vaccinated against common diseases, and millions of school-aged children are now attending classes. For example, today, they identify beneficiaries through the National Household Targeting System, to make sure that the 5. 2 million Filipino families who benefit from Phil Health are those who really need it. Another concerned issue is about the flooding problems in our country. President Noynoy provides a possible solution that is to make the stewardship of the trees beneficial to communities. They will be given coffee and cacao seeds to plant. While they wait for harvest, they will receive stipends for safeguarding the trees planted to mitigate flooding. They are looking at informal settlers, who are currently crammed into our cities, as possible beneficiaries of this program.

State of the Nation Address of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino Iii, President of the Philippines to the Congress of the Philippines Essay Example

They will be investing in the people, even as they invest in the environment. DOST and UP have also teamed up to develop a prototype monorail system, which could potentially provide a home grown mass transport solution that would cost us as little as 100 million pesos per kilometer, much cheaper than the current cost of similar mass transit systems. The potential savings could result in more kilometers of cheap transport, decongesting our urban centers and allowing rural communities easier access to centers of commerce and industry.

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