Statement of Goal Letter

When necessary I shall visit the campus’s Learning Assistance Center to improve my knowledge and skills in the basic academic disciplines. In the future as a seasoned university student, I shall volunteer my time to assist future students.

A 4. 0 GAP and prestigious academic honors, such as Dean’s List and/or Presidents List, are of interest to me, but I believe pursuing academic excellence shall help these fall right into place. My initial stride toward my professional objective will be to attain a Bachelors degree in the science of Nursing.Once successful, shall press on o put my acquired knowledge and skills into practice as a professional in the science of Nursing. Furthermore, it is my ultimate goal to continue my pursuit in higher education in the science of Pharmacology. I have faith in that the university strict academic discipline shall steer me on a narrow path towards academic excellence. Am aware that the university has implemented the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standard and am well aware of the academic probation could be subject to if I were to fail to meet this standard.

It is this academic discipline that shall aka academic excellence a top priority as a student. I am well aware of the high level of discipline in the Nursing program once one has been accepted into such prestigious program. For example, out of 200 or more applicants only 80 are admitted on average to this program. In addition, once one is accepted in the program one must maintain a 2. 5 or above average to remain in the program. No slack is given and shortcomings are dismissed.

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