Statement of purpose

6 June 2018

I play Cricket. Music relaxes me after a hard day’s work.

I enjoy watching news channels like BBC, CNN, and Star News, which helps in updating my knowledge with the latest happening around the world. I like to play indoor games like chess & table tennis whenever time permits me to play. I also like outdoors activities especially at weekends. A graduate student must have intelligence, dedication, perseverance and most of all enthusiasm. I sincerely feel that my sense of responsibility has guided me to excel in the areas requiring this vital combination.I am certain that associating myself with your distinguished faculty will enrich my academic experience. Kindly accord due weight to things mentioned above.

Statement of purpose Essay Example

I look forward to an enriching and exhilarating academic career at your esteemed university. Least reduction & Optimum utilization of natural resources are the major benefits due to industrialization. These benefits are the fruits of years of toil by talented Engineers & Researchers and sincerely wish to make my small but important contribution towards it. Acquiring advanced capabilities inMechanical Engineering would help me to be competent enough to excel in my field & contribute something towards the world at large. Strive to secure my country & be an asset to it. It would be of immense value for industrialization & progress. During the last few months, have perused several syllabi and read about research of different Universities in U.

S. A. And am now convinced that M. S. At would not only be a great honor to me but also a path graphed for my ambitions to come true. Have chosen because of it’s reputed faculty, flexibility available in its curriculum as well as opportunities f teaching and research assistantships.Sir, sincerely feel that with my dedication & hard work combined with the help of the esteemed faculty of your university, it is would be possible to achieve the goal that have set.

It is wholehearted & useful contribution for the betterment of life through industrialization. I hope that after successful completion of my MS. , I shall be able to pursue my quest for Ph. D. Too. Lastly I believe that the exposure to a varied student community and the American way of life will enrich my personality.

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