Statistical Process Control

10 October 2016

One method of quality control can be pursued through process control procedures like statistical process control or SPC. SPC β€œinvolves testing a random sample of output from a process to determine whether the process is producing items within a preselected range”. (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 354) SPC is a method that can be applied to a process in order to monitor or control that process. In week one, I described a personal process of waking up in the morning through to going to work.

Now, it is important to look to the future trends in order to predict seasonal factors. β€œA seasonal factor is the amount of correction needed in a time series to adjust for the season of the year. ” (Chase, Jacobs & Anquilano, 533) Seasonal factors may affect the samples by taking into consideration factor based on seasons or time periods. The alarm clock that is used to wake me up in the morning is not dependent on any factors of time or season. Statistical process control is one way to control quality and make sure goals are attained.

Statistical methods show that the samples taken can create visual representations that conclude my alarm clock is an effective method to starting my morning process. This ensures that it is operating at its fullest potential.

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