Statistics and Data Essay Sample

Statisticss is the survey of the aggregation. organisation. analysis. reading and presentation of informations. It deals with all facets of this. including the planning of informations aggregation in footings of the design of studies and experiments.

A statistician is person who is peculiarly well-versed in the ways of believing necessary for the successful application of statistical analysis. Such people have frequently gained experience through working in any of a broad figure of Fieldss.

Some consider statistics to be a mathematical organic structure of scientific discipline pertaining to the aggregation. analysis. reading or account. and presentation of informations. while others consider it a subdivision of mathematics concerned with collection and construing informations. Because of its empirical roots and its focal point on applications. statistics is normally considered to be a distinguishable mathematical scientific discipline instead than a subdivision of mathematics. Much of statistics is non-mathematical: ensuring that informations aggregation is undertaken in a manner that allows valid decisions to be drawn ; coding and file awaying of informations so that information is retained

Statisticians improve the quality of informations by coming up with a specific design of experiments and study sampling. Statisticss itself besides provides tools for anticipation and calculating the usage of informations and statistical theoretical accounts. Statistics is applicable to a broad assortment of academic subjects. including natural and societal scientific disciplines. authorities. and concern. Statistical advisers are available to supply aid for organisations and companies without direct entree to expertise relevant to their peculiar inquiries.

History of Statisticss:
The usage of statistical methods dates back at least to the fifth century BC. The earliest authorship on statistics was found in a ninth century book entitled: “Manuscript on Decoding Cryptographic Messages” . written by Al-Kindi. In his book. he gave a elaborate description of how to utilize statistics and frequence analysis to decode encrypted messages. this was the birth of both statistics and cryptanalytics. harmonizing to the Saudi applied scientist Ibrahim Al-Kadi

Importance of Statistics in our Life:

Statisticss is a really effectual tool. in which you look at past informations from studies or nose count or merely recorded information over a period of clip. It is of import because utilizing stats you can see past informations to assist do concern determinations or determinations within any workplace. You can make a statistical trial to happen out if a new thought or concern determinations should be considered or rejected.

It is a systematic attack to probes during which numerical information is collected and/or the research worker transforms what is collected or observed into numerical informations. It frequently describes a state of affairs or event. replying the ‘what’ and ‘how many’ inquiries you may hold about something. This is research which involves mensurating or numbering properties ( i. e. measures ) . A quantitative attack is frequently concerned with happening grounds to either support or belie an thought or hypothesis you might hold. A hypothesis is where a predicted reply to a research inquiry is proposed

Once you have collected your informations you need to do sense of the responses you have got back. Quantitative information analysis enables you to do sense of informations by: * organizing them
* summarizing them
* making explorative analysis
And to pass on the significance to others by showing informations as:
* tabular arraies
* graphical shows
* drumhead statistics

quantitative research methodological analysis frequently allows research workers to place a cause and consequence relationship. Another advantage is that quantitative informations reveal measurings that provide meaningful information about the topic ( s ) of survey. The Numberss and statistics used in quantitative research let one to do illations and ratings about the topic ( s ) of survey. Statistics is a subdivision of applied mathematics which includes the planning. summarizing. and interpretation of unsure observations. Because the purpose of statistics is to bring forth the “best” information from available informations. some writers make statistics a subdivision of determination theory. As a theoretical account of entropy or ignorance. chance theory plays a critical function in the development of statistical theory. We describe our cognition ( and ignorance ) mathematically and try to larn more from whatever we can detect. This requires us to

1. Plan our observations to command their variableness ( experiment design ) . 2. Sum up a aggregation of observations to have their commonalty by stamp downing inside informations ( descriptive statistics ) . and 3. Reach consensus about what the observations tell us about the universe we observe ( statistical illation ) .

In some signifiers of descriptive statistics. notably informations excavation. the 2nd and 3rd of these stairss become so outstanding that the first measure ( be aftering ) appears to go less of import. In these subjects. informations frequently are collected outside the control of the individual making the analysis. and the consequence of the analysis may be more an operational theoretical account than a consensus study about the universe. The chance of an event is frequently defined as a figure between one and zero instead than a per centum. In world nevertheless there is virtually nil that has a chance of 1 or 0. You could state that the Sun will surely lift in the forenoon. but what if an highly improbable event destroys the Sun? What if there is a atomic war and the sky is covered in ash and fume? We frequently round the chance of such things up or down because they are so likely or improbable to happen. that it’s easier to acknowledge them as a chance of one or zero.

However. this can frequently take to misinterpretations and unsafe behaviour. because people are unable to separate between. e. g. . a chance of 10-4 and a chance of 10-9. despite the really practical difference between them. If you expect to traverse the route about 105 or 106 times in your life. so cut downing your hazard per route traversing to 10-9 will do you safe for your whole life. while a hazard per route crossing of 10-4 will do it really likely that you will hold an accident. despite the intuitive feeling that 0. 01 % is a really little hazard. Some scientific disciplines use applied statistics so extensively that they have specialized nomenclature. These subjects include:

Business statistics
Economic statistics
Engineering statistics
Population statistics
Psychological statistics
Social statistics ( for all the societal scientific disciplines )
Procedure analysis and Chemometrics ( for analysis of informations from analytical chemical science and chemical technology )

Statisticss form a cardinal footing tool in concern and fabrication every bit good. It is used to understand measurement systems variableness. control processes ( as in “statistical procedure control” or SPC ) . for sum uping informations. and to do data-driven determinations. In these functions it is a cardinal tool. and possibly the lone dependable tool.

For a broader survey. affecting a greater figure of topics. and heightening the generalization of the consequences can let for greater objectiveness and truth of consequences. Generally. quantitative methods are designed to supply sum-ups of informations that support generalizations about the phenomenon under survey. In order to carry through this. quantitative research normally involves few variables and many instances. and employs prescribed processs to guarantee cogency and dependability Using criterions means that the research can be replicated. and so analysed and compared with similar surveies. Kruger ( 2003 ) confirms that ‘quantitative methods allow us to sum up huge beginnings of information and facilitate comparings across classs and over clip

Practical Application of Statistics:
Quantitative methods are ideally suited for happening out who. what. when and where. The thing that I have learn from Quantitative Method is that it is truly utile in our day-to-day life. We can foremost use the Sinking Fund in our bank history. it would assist us to happen out the money that we had deposit into the bank and cipher the future value of the money we will hold in history. So we could really foretell what we could afford in the average clip and in the hereafter.

Amortization. this is besides really utile is because of its will finally associate to our day-to-day life. For illustration. the auto we bought. we would hold this big sum of money to purchase the auto by hard currency. so we would non hold borrow the money from the bank. The bank will come out with a series of payment that you have to pay in the peculiar clip given every month. To guarantee that the bank did non hold any error. we own self could cipher or foretell the sum that we have to pay.

Applications of statistics in day-to-day life Statistics is the aggregation of informations and its representation or reading. Statisticss use three agencies of comparing through the informations mean. average & A ; manner. Practical application of these three are as follows: * It helps instructors to see the mean Markss of the pupils. * It is used in mills. for the Mean governments to acknowledge whether the benefits of the workers is continued or non. * It is besides used to contrast the wages of the workers. To cipher the mean velocity of anything. * It is besides used by the authorities to happen the income or disbursals of any individual. * Using this the household could equilibrate their disbursals with their mean income. * It is used to mensurate the distribution of the net incomes Used to happen the participants height e. g. football participants.

* To happen the in-between age from the category pupils. Besides used to happen the poorness line.
* It is used to influx of the public conveyance.
* The no. of games succeeded by any squad of participants.
* The frequence of the demand of babies.
* Used to happen the figure of the manner is besides seen in computation of the rewards.
* in the patients traveling to the infirmaries. the manner of travel etc. * Product selling
* Clothing sizes
* Average income
* Gambling
* Car fix
* Climate figures
* Game shows
* Airplane clang figures
* Product testing and fabrication
The statistics is the footing for about all the activities of persons. group. society. community and state. For illustration:

– Literacy rate ;
– Below poorness line people ;
– Employment position ;
– Satisfaction degree for any activity ;
– Exit polls ;
– Average rain autumn ;
– Average temperatures during different seasons ;
– Average rainfall for building House. edifice or office etc.
– Earth temblor statistics ;
– All insurance activities are based on statistics ;
– Hazard pickings and its anticipations ;
– Petroleum geographic expedition ;
– Monsoon activity in the part ;

– Election. Election analysis
– Height of pupils in this category
– Students’ penchant for coca-cola vs. pepsi-cola
– Number of siblings of persons
– Amount paid for last haircut
– Gender dislocation
– Students’ conjectures

The first ground is to be able to efficaciously carry on research. Without the usage of statistics it would be really hard to do determinations based on the informations collected from a research undertaking. For illustration. in the survey cited in Chapter One. is the difference in recorded absenteeism between psychiatric and OBs nurses big plenty to reason that there is meaningful difference in absenteeism between the two units? There are two possibilities: The first possibility is that the difference between the two groups is a consequence of opportunity factors. In world. the two occupations have about the same sum of absenteeism. The 2nd possibility is that there is a existent difference between the two units with the psychiatric unit being more nurses losing work. Without statistics we have no manner of doing an educated determination between the two possibilities. Statistics. nevertheless. provides us with a tool to do an educated determination. We will be able to make up one’s mind which of the two possibilities is more likely to be true. We will establish this determination on our cognition of chance and illative statistics.

The 2nd ground to analyze statistics is to be able to read diaries. Most proficient diaries you will read incorporate some signifier of statistics. Normally. you will happen them in something called the consequences subdivision. Without an apprehension of statistics. the information contained in this subdivision will be meaningless. An apprehension of basic statistics will supply you with the cardinal accomplishments necessary to read and measure most consequences subdivisions. The ability to pull out intending from journal articles and the ability to critically measure research from a statistical position are cardinal accomplishments that will heighten your cognition and apprehension in related coursework.

The 3rd ground is to further develop critical and analytic thought accomplishments. Most pupils finishing high school and introductory undergraduate coursework have at their disposal a assortment of critical thought and analytic accomplishments. The survey of statistics will function to heighten and farther develop these accomplishments. To make good in statistics one must develop and utilize formal logical thought abilities that are both high degree and originative.

The 4th ground to analyze statistics is to be an informed consumer. Like any other tool. statistics can be used or misused. Yes. it is true that some persons do actively lie and misdirect with statistics. More frequently. nevertheless. good intending persons accidentally report erroneous statistical decisions. If you know some of the basic statistical constructs. you will be in a better place to measure the information you have been given.

The 5th ground to hold a on the job cognition of statistics is to cognize when you need to engage a statistician. Most of us know plenty about our autos to cognize when to take it into the store. Normally. we don’t try the fix ourselves because we don’t want to do any irreparable harm. Besides. we try to cognize plenty to be able to transport on an apprehensible conversation with the machinist ( or we take person with us who can ) to see that we don’t acquire a whole new engine ( large vaulting horses ) when all we need is a new fuel filter ( a few vaulting horses ) . We should be the same manner about engaging a statistician. Conducting research is clip devouring and expensive. If you are in over your statistical caput. it does non do sense to put on the line an full undertaking by trying to calculate the information analyses yourself. It is really east to calculate uncomplete or inappropriate statistical analysis of one’s informations. As with the machinist discussed above. it is besides of import to hold adequate statistical understanding to be able to discourse your undertaking and the information analyses you want computed with the statistician you hire. In other words. you want to be able to do certain that your statistician is on the right path.

To sum up. the five grounds to analyze statistics are to be able to efficaciously carry on research. to be able to read and measure diary articles. to farther develop critical thought and analytic accomplishments. to move a an informed consumer. and to cognize when you need to engage outside statistical aid.

Statisticss is the art of pulling decisions about phenomena in which opportunity plays a function. The entropy may originate through a assortment of grounds: the intrinsic random nature of a phenomenon. ineluctable noise in an experiment. witting randomisation of experimental or measurement units. or as a best estimate to world. The opportunity phenomena occur in a wide scope of state of affairss. This has rendered statistical scientific discipline a extremely multidisciplinary project. but with a nucleus organic structure of constructs and methods that are common to the diverse applications.

The maestro path in Statistical Science provides pupils with a thorough debut to the general doctrine and methodological analysis of statistical modeling and information analysis. and offers two specialisations: into the applications of statistical methods to the life scientific disciplines and to the behavioral scientific disciplines. severally. Statisticss play an of import function in about country of life now a yearss but in the field of economic sciences that affects our lives the maximal statistics play a critical function. This function lies in the fact that economic science depends upon statistics in connexion with the preparation of economic sciences Torahs and theories. There are chiefly three grounds for its dependance:

First. the economic Torahs relate to multitudes and tend to depict the behaviours of 1000s of people. Statistics aid in depicting that behaviour. Second. economic Torahs can be stated in a scientific manner merely when based on statistical informations. The illustration consists of the Torahs of supply and demand. Third. an economic phenomenon can non be subjected to experimentation. for this ground the method of survey is to be statistical instead than experimental.

In order to do planning realistic in any economic system the aims are set in quantitative footings. Statistics aid in visualising the mark quantitatively and measuring the accomplishments. This in bend helps in our determination devising in every field which includes concern and other finance determinations as good.

Statisticss helps in pulling general decisions and in doing anticipations of how much of a thing will go on in given status. Statistical techniques being powerful tools for analysing numerical informations. are used in about every subdivision of larning. In biological and physical scientific discipline. genetic sciences. scientific agriculture. anthropometry. uranology. natural philosophies. geology etc are the chief countries where statistical techniques have been developed and are progressively used. Statistics is used in sum uping the largest sets of informations in a signifier that is easy apprehensible. Statistics is an effectual planning in any field of enquiry. Statistics is used in sum uping the larger sets of informations in a signifier that is easy apprehensible. Statistics aids in a effectual planning in any field of enquiry. A modern disposal whether in public or private sector. tilts on statistical informations to supply a factual footing for determination. A societal scientist uses statistical methods in assorted countries of socio-economic life of a state. Statistical techniques being powerful tools for analysing numerical informations. are used in about every subdivision of larning. With the aid of statistics we can pull general decisions. A concern adult male. an industrialist and a research worker all employ statistical methods in their work. Furthermore. in election polling. systems are besides based on statistical methods. The common type of statistics that we can utilize in our day-to-day lives is: – Numerical Statisticss

– Pictorial Statistics
– Descriptive Statisticss
– Sectoral Statistics
– Private Statisticss
The interval of coach. the day-to-day figure of coach for each path. the exchanging clip of traffic light etc. .

Statisticss as a topic allows pupils to research the usage of an array of diagrams in real-life informations state of affairss. such as box-and-whisker diagrams and stem-and-leaf diagrams. Besides in the course of study is larning complex. subject-specific vocabulary such as the ‘median’ . the ‘inter-quartile range’ . and ‘cumulative frequency’ . Once pupils have succeeded in deriving this land cognition. their techniques in roll uping informations in the signifier of questionnaires reasonably can be put to the trial in a two-hour test. As you can conceive of. this numeracy-heavy capable tends to be taken as a complement to GCSE Maths. which pupils will by and large be taking at a Higher degree when involved with this class. There can be considerable convergence between the two topics. significance that there is less to analyze.

Statisticss on a school’s public presentation are besides of import in instruction. When parents are due to do their determinations on where their kids should larn for the following five to seven old ages. a school’s success rates in Maths. English and Science ( normally expressed as per centums ) . will be instrumental in their determination evaluation. In Further Education. there are besides statistics used to demo how many pupils are accomplishing As and Bs in certain topics. This can be of import for hiking the morale of pupils. demoing them that they excessively could be one of the strongest performing artists in an scrutiny environment.

Statisticss is chiefly a job work outing field of survey and cognition. Statisticians should hold a thrust and desire to work out mathematical and informations jobs. and should acquire satisfaction from working towards a solution. A good statistician should non experience beaten or defeated by a job. even if it appears hard – alternatively. they should lift to the challenge of coming up with the solution.

Statisticss is besides all about apprehension and construing informations. A good cognition of mathematics is evidently indispensable. but statistics besides requires strong communicating accomplishments in order to discourse informations and any jobs environing it. Statisticians normally work within a squad. for illustration. with other statisticians. or as advisors to concerns. so they need to be able to pass on efficaciously with others within a professional environment. In add-on. hard jobs require a squad attempt. and in order to to the full understand the information at manus. communicating may be indispensable.

Furthermore. statistics is about being knowing in general. Statistics is non normally an stray field – as I said above. statisticians normally work within concerns or companies. Therefore. they need a good cognition base about the field in which they work. whether it be manner. nutrient. medical specialty or cars. Strong cognition about your specific field allows a statistician to construe informations more accurately. and pull more dependable and applicable decisions from the informations in order to profit the company or concern.

Statisticians besides work closely with calculating engineering. so should be well-versed an experienced in the latest information scheduling and forming engineering. Today. statisticians work with such huge sums of informations on such a regular footing that the function of computing machine engineering can non be ignored in the field of statistics. Statisticians should hence be non merely adept. but confident. in utilizing engineering and package and using it to peculiar sets of informations. Statistics is a mathematical scientific discipline affecting the aggregation. reading. analysis. and presentation of informations. It is frequently used to do anticipations based on informations. It is widely applicable in assorted societal and natural scientific disciplines every bit such as political scientific discipline and medical specialty every bit good as in concern such as the insurance industry. For illustration. statistics are a really of import portion of political runs as they lead up to elections. Every clip a scientific canvass is taken. statistics are used to cipher and exemplify the consequences in per centums and to cipher the border for mistake.

Statisticss are besides used in psychological science. People’s behaviour can be measured on a bell curve. Most people fall within acceptable scopes of the bell curve. However the people who fall outside “the norm” or on the “fringe” of the bell curve may be considered unstable.

Statisticss are really of import in assorted facets of concern ; a terrific illustration is the insurance industry. It is the occupation of an actuarial scientist to find how long people will populate ( statistically ) . how likely they are to hold an accident. and how likely is it their place will fire down or be damaged in a hurricane? These hazards are all rated based entirely on statistical informations and policies are priced consequently.

As stated earlier. Statistics is a subject that has finds application in the most diverse Fieldss of activity. It is possibly a topic that should be used by everybody. Statistical techniques being powerful tools for analysing numerical informations are used in about every subdivision of larning. In all countries. statistical techniques are being progressively used. and are developing really quickly.

I. A modern decision maker whether in public or private sector leans on statistical informations to supply a factual footing for determination. Ii. A politician uses statistics well to impart support and acceptance to his statements while clarifying the jobs he handles. Iii. A man of affairs. an industrial and a research worker all employ statistical methods in their work. Banks. Insurance companies and Government all have their statistics sections. Iv. A societal scientist uses statistical methods in assorted countries of socio-economic life a state. It is sometimes said that “a societal scientist without an equal apprehension of statistics. is frequently like the blind adult male fumbling in a dark room for a black cat that is non there” . Well the great thing about statistics is that it is merely approximately everyplace. When you say ‘other fields’ I am presuming you mean. other than at a larning degree in school/college.

Expression in a newspaper. you will see stat for athleticss. conditions. Election polls. the consequence of the dollar bead on GDP and the rising prices rate. You can utilize it for engendering animate beings. and gauge a really educated conjecture on engendering success rates and the likes.

This is one topic that is used merely approximately every where.
Although the promotion of medical specialty has prolonged and improved the life of many people over the old ages. it is of import to retrieve that it is non an exact scientific discipline. While some interventions do look to offer a complete ‘cure’ for any peculiar complaint universally. the huge bulk of medicative interventions do non.

As such. it is of import that statistics are used in medical specialty in order to warrant the development and subsequent usage of a peculiar drug or intervention ; every bit good as placing in the first topographic point whether it is holding the coveted consequence at all.

At the bosom of the usage of statistics in medical specialty is the apparently unsurmountable job that everybody is different. Not merely in a psychological sense. but a physiological sense excessively. While human existences may portion similar variety meats. tissues and chemical compounds ; how they are bonded. how we are composed and the effects different drugs have on the person can be radically different from one individual to the following.

Therefore. to mensurate the effectivity of any signifier of medicine. it is of import to run tests where a broad assortment of topics are administered the drug. First. this helps bet on the effectivity of the medical specialty when compared to. for illustration. a placebo. Subsequent statistical analysis can besides give medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies the information they need to judge whether the medical specialty is an effectual intervention for the bulk of patients ; and whether it is a cost-efficient solution to a peculiar complaint.

Furthermore. one time initial surveies have been concluded and analyzed statistically. follow up surveies can be initiated to look into the initial statistical findings ; supplying farther grounds as to the effectivity of any signifier of intervention.

To briefly summarize ; we use statistics in medical specialty to guarantee that the attention provided plants and is to the benefit of as many people as possible. with as few damaging affects possible. Many open uping medical finds such as remedies for infective diseased were found by physicians with an involvement in statistics. foregrounding the increasing importance of statistics in medical specialty today. The presence of statistics can be observed in many Fieldss of wellness attention and medical specialty. such as genetic sciences where it is implemented to find possible indexs of familial abnormalcies. such as birth defect and aging. It is besides used in clinical tests for public wellness to name disease. happen new ways in which to forestall disease. prolong life. and promote wellness. Epidemiology uses statistics to cipher malignant neoplastic disease incident rates. proctor disease eruptions and proctor alterations in health-related behaviors such as smoke and physical activity.

Besides. statistics is used in pharmaceutics to work in drugs find and development and to guarantee the cogency and truth of findings at all phases of the procedure Statistics is of import for all sorts of activities. By statistics you may think the efficiency of something. Statistics ever assist us to hold a calculating premise over something. In medical specialty. through the proper usage of stat you can detect how much effectual a peculiar drugs over a peculiar disease and therefore you can be more accurate in taking your determination. Medical statistics provide utile information about. for illustration. incidence of disease ( epidemiology ) versus prevalence. transmittal rates of catching infections. bunch of diseases. mortality rates and so on. Statisticss can be used to be after for intercessions. including the figure and type of staff who need to be deployed to an country. the financess and other physical resources which need to be attributed to cover with what is happening. Medical statistics are critical for clinical research. forensic medical specialty and public wellness.

To keep balance in commercialism and the supply of mundane demand of every citizen. For illustration. nose count are conducted to cognize how many citizen there is. Besides the authorities keeps statistics on car accidents. together with private companies supervising statistics of gross revenues to maintain up supplying for every demand in all countries. Like most people. you likely feel that it is of import to “take control of your life. ” But what does this mean? Parly it means being able to properly measure the informations and claims that bombard you every twenty-four hours. If you can non separate good from defective concluding. so you are vulnerable to use and to determinations that are non in your best involvement. Statistics provides tools that you need in order to respond intelligently to information you hear or read. In this sense. statistics is one of the most of import capable affair that you of all time study. To be more specific. here are some claims that we have heard on several occasions. ( We are non stating that each one of these claims is true! ) * 4 out of 5 tooth doctors recommend Dentyne

* About 85 % of lung malignant neoplastic diseases in work forces and 45 % in adult females are tobacco-related. * Condoms are effectual 94 % of the clip.
* Native Americans are significantly more likely to be hit traversing the streets than are people of other ethnicities. * Peoples tend to be more persuasive when they look others straight in the oculus and speak aloud and rapidly. * Women make 75 cents to every dollar a adult male makes when they work the same occupation. * A surprising new survey shows that eating egg Whites can increase one’s lifetime. * People predict that it is really improbable there will of all time be another baseball participant with a batting norm over 400. * There is an 80 % opportunity that in a room full of 30 people that at least two people will portion the same birthday. * 79. 48 % of all statistics are made up on the topographic point.

All of these claims are statistical in character. We suspect that some of them sound familiar ; if non. we bet that you have heard other claims like them. Notice how diverse the illustrations are. They come from psychological science. wellness. jurisprudence. athleticss. concern. etc. Indeed. informations and data-interpretation show up in discourse from virtually every aspect of modern-day life.

We live in the Information Age where we understand a great trade about the universe around us. Much of this information was determined mathematically by utilizing statistics. When used right. statistics tell us any tendencies in what happened in the past and can be utile in foretelling what may go on in the hereafter. ”

Some more practical application of statistics are:
Upwind Prognosiss:
In weather prognosis computing machine theoretical accounts are built utilizing statistics that compare anterior conditions conditions with current conditions to foretell future conditions.

Many people are afflicted with diseases that come from their familial makeup and these diseases can potentially be passed on to their kids. Statisticss are critical in finding the opportunities of a new babe being affected by the disease. Consumer Goods:

Wal-Mart a worldwide taking retail merchant. keeps path of everything they sell and use statistics to cipher what to transport to each shop and when.

Quality Testing:
Companies make 1000s of merchandises every twenty-four hours and each company must take certain that a good quality point is sold. But company can’t test each and every point that they ship to the consumer. So the company uses statistics to prove merely a few. called a sample. of what they make. Stock Market:

Stock analysts besides use statistical computing machine theoretical accounts to calculate what is go oning in the economic system.
Statisticss has come to play an of import function in about every field of life and human activity. There is barely any field where statistical informations or statistical methods are used for one intent or the other our reaching in this universe and going from here are recorded as statistical informations someplace and in same signifier.

Statisticss Undertaking:
Sujal Madan – Roll No. 89
MFM ( 2012 – 2015 )


* Definition of Statisticss
* Importance of Statistics
* Practical Application of Statistics
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