Statistics: the Case of the Riverside County Town Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Aim: To utilize the statistical data/analysis provided by Fliege & A ; Associates. to do an informed determination in finding which type of belongings ( concern ) I should hold built on late inherited land in Riverside County California. I will utilize the descriptive statistical analysis study given on the demographical information for the county. in respects to its population of occupants ; to compare and contrast to a recent instance survey affecting a similar piece of land of land in a likewise little community located about one hr off in San Diego California.

Initial analysis of age demographics:

|FREQUENCY TABLE | |CLASS ( Age in Yrs ) |FREQUENCY ( Population ) |RELATIVE FREQUENCY ( % of Population ) |CUMMULATIVE FREQUENCY ( Cumulative | | | | |Population ) | |Lower Limit |Upper Limit | | |RIVERSIDE |SAN DIEGO | | |MEDIAN |25. 8 |57. 2 |Years | | MEAN |30. 4 |53. 4 |Years | |STD DEV |21. 41 |18. 81 |Years | |CV |0. 7 |0. 35 | | |MINIMUM |1 |1 |Years | |MAXIMUM |80 |80 |Years | |RANGE |79 |79 |Years | |n |814 |280 | |

– The mean of 30. 4 in Riverside County seems to be influenced by the outliers of 24 and 30. There seems to be two separate populations being represented here ; two manners with somewhat of a U-shaped Distribution.

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Statistics: the Case of the Riverside County Town Essay Sample
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( Young people and old people ; with a few in-between aged people ) .

( labled with age category centers )

Mode Mean Age 30. 4 Mode Mode Mean Age 53. 4
Median Median
Skewed Right Distribution Skewed Left Distribution

Interpretation Riverside County:

– From the histiogram. we can reason that the bulk of the Riverside community population falls between the ages of 0-40 old ages. The categories of ages extremums ( manner ) at 11-20 ( midpoint 15. 5 ) old ages of age ; and so once more at 61-70 ( center 65. 5 ) old ages of age. There are two manners. which likely means that there are two groups represented here. The average seems to outdo describe the information.

San Diego County Comparison:

– From the histogram for San Diego County. we can reason that the bulk of the population consists of older persons ; with 68 % of the population falling between the retirement ages of 51 and 80 old ages old. We could likely reason that this is a retirement hot-spot ; similar to that of communities in topographic points such as Palm Springs and Florida. These are countries extremely recognized for their attractive force to retired persons. Because San Diego has merely one manner. I am rather certain that we are merely covering with one group of people ; retired persons.

Extra Information Needed Before Decision is Made:

? Household Income
? Future Economic Growth and Trends
? Transportation ( Air/Bus/Ports/Freeways/Etc. )
? Industry ( Which types of concerns are already at that place? )
?Tax Ratess
? Cost of Populating
? Labor Market/Force
? Culture/Race/Ethnicities
? Business Development Programs
? Weather Patterns
? Male V. Female Population Makeup
? The Older Population. Who Are They?
? Family Make-up

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