Status of Women in Colonial America

4 April 2015
This paper examines the low political economic and social status of the colonial woman.

This paper examines the role of women in the colonial period of the United States and finds that although the colonial female led a comparatively better life than her English sisters she went virtually uneducated, possessed limited legal status, and was politically nonexistent.
“Under English common law, married women were unable to contract or sue in tort unless they had their husbands? permission. English women had no contractual capacity because they had no proprietary capacity. Common law also dictated that a husband’s interest in the personal and real property of his wife was absolute and he had an unlimited right over her possessions and chattels.[1] He also had an almost absolute authority over his wife’s person. By law, a husband, as master over his wife, was permitted to restrain her in case of misbehavior, as well as “chastise” her in the ways he saw fit to correct her wrongdoing. [2] ”

Status of Women in Colonial America Essay Example

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