Stay Strong: Demi Lovato by Demi Lovato

7 July 2019

“Stay strong”, 21 year old Demi Lovato’s inspirational quote for teens listening to her music all over the world. She has overcome many obstacles in her life for being a victim of self-harm. Her story reaches out to teens everywhere because most of them have overcome the same thing. Demi Lovato is a true warrior and she has inspired teens, including me, to keep moving forward; to stay strong during any curve life throws at you. Her new album “DEMI” altogether is inspirational. Each song gives away a different chapter in her life, and how we as fans can relate to it.
Unlike any of her other albums, “DEMI” tells its fans that she is grown up and has come out of that Disney Channel phase due to her recent struggles. Her previous album, “Unbroken” which came out after her release from rehab, has songs that are just for entertainment rather than capturing a deeper meaning.

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Her new album however, has songs that are about different life experiences that teenagers, such as myself, can relate to. Her album is comprised of different groups of songs which she has brilliantly put together to tell her story. Each song identifies how she actually feels, and gives off a certain tune to give away her mood.
The groups comprise of “love/heartbreak”, “strong-willed” and “pure entertainment”. Each song is relatable with their jovial beats and some even solemn rhythms. Demi’s hit single “Heart Attack” kicks the album off at song number one, leads fans in the direction of “love/heartbreak”. Teens dance to this tune with a mindset of having that one crush they would change their lives for. This song gives an upbeat tempo that gives love a good name in the eyes of teenagers. However, this is the only one of the two happy love songs, but everyone experiences heartbreak much more. So, Demi guided her fans the right direction with each heartbreak song; to stay strong.
The last song on “DEMI” ties the whole album together with how she feels about everything that has happened in her life. Song number thirteen, “Warrior” falls into the “strong-willed” group. She gathers all of her feelings from the difficulties of her childhood and her life now and throws them into this four minute song. She sets a deeper meaning through her knowledge with her experiences. The fascinating thing is, is any teenager who listens to it can interpret their own meaning of it because of how relatable the song is. The lyrics are so simple and give away no personal information that teens fit their lives into the song. Sometimes something as simple as listening to a song can make you feel better about yourself and your life. That is what Demi Lovato is trying to do with all thirteen songs.
Demi Lovato’s album, “DEMI” is a must-listen. She puts together different groups of songs to match the struggles she has had in her life. Unlike her other albums, she is no longer writing music just for entertainment but to tell a story and make her and her fans stronger. Her songs are not only inspirational to teens, but to people all ages. I recommend this album to teens who think they do not have a reason to smile or to just be happy to be themselves. “DEMI” was rated a 4/5 by critics, but a 5/5 by teenagers everywhere, and especially me.
Life is like a road going up, down, twisting and turning. If you are the type of person to be going through a rough time and just need time to think and grasp what is going on, listen to “DEMI”. That is someone who has been through it all. Demi Lovato tells you to just take a break, stay strong and be a warrior with just a 13 song album.

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