Staying Strong

4 April 2019

“Isabelle, come party with us!” As a sixteen-year-old, peer pressure can be dangerous. But I’m thankful for what I’ve seen within my friends and family. It keeps me away from drugs.

As my friends and I grew up, some achieved high grades while other achieved a different kind of high. As for me, I started to become jealous of my friends with 4.0’s and ashamed of the others.
I wanted to prove I could be as good of a student as my friends were. So I put all of my effort in school. With the goals I set for myself, I knew I needed to do this. And I did it. I raised all of my grades.

Staying Strong Essay Example

My old “friends” still ask me to party with them. But I have seen how they have lost themselves in drugs and I have seen how one of my family members has also. It’s not who I am or who I want to be.

I will be bringing to your college strength, by sticking to what I believe and believing in myself; I will bring concentration and determination with my school work, and I believe that’s why I make a good fit. I will not give into peer pressure and I will do all I need to do to get the best education.

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