Steps to Christ

2 February 2017

Summary Steps to Christ concentrates on God’s inclusive love for His people and His merciful nature. Ellen White addresses how we can all be saved by grace and how we can become better Christians. She dedicates each chapter to describe ways to get closer to God, following a set of steps that require higher and higher dedication and more understanding of God’s wisdom. The first chapter if the book, “God’s love for Man” illustrates the quality of God’s love. His acceptance can be seen when we look around us and to the nature that surrounds us to then understand a little more about God and his mercy.Through sin we broke “God’s rule of love” yet in his infinite mercy he gave his only begotten son to pay the price for our redemption.

This is God’s love for us. The second chapter of the book,” The Sinner’s Need of Christ” speaks about how through sin man became disobedient. In his sinful state he could no longer find communion with God, be in harmony with him. This has caused a separation between man and God. The third chapter of the book, “Repentence”, describes how we should repent from our sins.It shows us the difference between true repentance and repentance lead by the fear of punishment for transgression. Jesus can restore and cleanse all those who want to be purified and recognize that this can only be done through Him and in Him.

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The author also mentions that the Holy Spirit also moves those who do not know of the power of God but understand the wickedness of their sins. The fourth chapter of the book,” Confession”, illustrates that for confession to be genuine there must be a humble acceptance of guilt for actions.There must be a sincere desire without deception and hypocrisy. The fifth chapter of the book,” Consecration”, speaks about the surrendering of oneself wholeheartedly in order to be restored to His likeness. It goes on to emphasis that there must be a deep love of Christ and an earnest desire to yield all to Him. For anything less would be just a formality. The sixth chapter of the book,” Faith and Acceptance”, illustrates that once you have seen the sin and is disheartened by its evilness.

You have to see that is peace you need. Confess your sins and in heart put them away.Once you have resolved to give yourself to God, go to Him and ask Him and he will wash away your sins and give you a new heart. The seventh chapter of the book,” the test of Discipleship”, illustrates that to be in Christ you must be a new creature , which means that former lusts are passed away and you become a new person reflecting Himself. The eight chapter of the book,” Growing up in Christ”, states that without God there is no life, and nothing has life. According to Ellen White, we depend on Christ for everything, without him we are nothing.Therefore, we should choose to live and grow into Christ, looking up to him as the greatest model of righteousness and depending on him to give us this righteousness in exchange for the burden of our sins that He is carrying.

The ninth chapter of the book, “The Work and the Life,” shows that when we have love for Christ we cannot keep it to ourselves; the power of the Holy Spirit works through us to send Jesus’ message everywhere we go and we become disciples of God’s love and when we have this passion burning inside we also want to work for Christ and do things that would benefit his cause and his love.The tenth chapter of the book,” A Knowledge of God”, explains how God speaks to us through his provincial works. The Bible, which was written for the common man, contains revelation of his character, His dealing with men, and the great work of redemption. The eleventh chapter of the book,” The Privilege of Prayer”, illustrates that the Bible should not be read without the intervention of prayer. Though He speaks to us through nature and revelation, we also need to commune with Him through prayer.Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as a friend and without it the whispered temptations of the enemy entice them to sin. The twelfth chapter of the book,” What to do with Doubt”, illustrates that there are many mysteries in the Bible and the inability of the finite minds to fully comprehend the character of the works of the Infinite One, causes doubt in many.

God desires man to exercise his reasoning powers in the study of the Bible, but to open the word Of God without reverence and prayer and without guidance from Him would be apparently difficult.When you approach with His guidance He will make it plain and simple. The last chapter of the book, “Rejoicing in the Lord,” is a summary on how we, Christians, should behave towards others. Therefore, we should choose to live and grow into Christ, looking up to him as the greatest model of righteousness and depending on him to give us this righteousness in exchange for the burden of our sins that He is carrying. REACTIONSteps to Christ have given me a valuable insight into the matchless love of God. The thought has a subduing power upon the soul and brings the mind into captivity to the will of God. The author has shown the more we study the divine character in the light of the cross, the more we see mercy, tenderness, and forgiveness blended with equity and justice, and the more clearly we discern innumerable evidences of a love that is infinite.

In my opinion, the most critical points the author presents are the ones dealing with Repentance and with Doubt. Repentance is a delicate matter because it relates to the fact that some people might think that they are repenting from their sins when in fact they are just doing it out of fear of being punished; they are not truly lamenting the sins that they committed; they lament the suffering that will take place because of their sins.The second Critical point of this book is the chapter that deals with Doubt because one can never be certain about everything and there are a lot of things that cannot be explained. I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to turn their life around. The title of this book tells its mission. It points the reader to Jesus Christ as the only one who is able to meet the needs of the soul. It directs the feet of the doubting and halting to the pathway of peace.

It leads the seeker after righteousness and wholeness of character, step by step, along the way of christian living, to that experience where he can know the fullness of blessing which is found in the complete surrender of self. It reveals to him the secret of victory as it unfolds in simplicity the saving grace and the keeping power of the great friend of all mankind. That the Steps to Christ may be repeated to you as you read this story of the way of life, is the sincere wish of this website’s contributors

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