Steps to Control Terrorism in India

Terrorism has swallowed global law and order. Terrorist activities have knitted their web across the globe and act as a threat to the society and lives of billions of civilians. Terrorism in India is very deep rooted and complicated to realize. It exists in many forms ,starting from jehadi terror from inside or across the border to naxalism . Terrorism has been a social stigma of Indian society which has cut the very fabric of Indian society into pieces. With this ever increasing insecurity amongst civilians,the need of qualified people who can combat these terrorist activities is increasing.

Today Indian government is training a number of anti-terrorism officers who primarily hold policy advisory and planning positions at places that are frequently threatened by terrorist invasions. These ATOs are trained vigorously to protect national security and have to take up operational counter-terrorism roles. Their training level and experience must be above military field training. Additionally those on senior level need to implement apt measures and must understand how to effectively manage and deal with such sensitive issues. Personnels in this field are required to have the knowledge needed for strategic security industry.

Anti-terrorism studies require in-depth understanding of explosives ,weapons of mass destruction ,extremism and terrorist techniques to prevent their operations. This anti-terrorism education can help our country meet the challenging security problems. India has made important and historically unprecedent improvements in its internal security architecture,including the creation of a coastal command to secure 4,650 miles of shoreline,establishment of 20 counter terrorism schools and standing regional commando units,the creation of national agency to investigate suspected terrorist activity and stronger anti terrorism laws.

But the country remains deeply vulnerable. Some important systematic barriers will put a limit to which India can improve its internal security arrangements,particularly the state police –the first line of defence in collecting the information from the public about suspicious activities and conducting investigations after an attack. Policing is a state subject in India and federal government has very limited ability in compelling the states to invest in their polices. Only Gujarat,Kerala and Manipur have showed any interest in central government’s no refund grant to states for modernizing their police force .

India’s vibrant and growing private sector attracts high quality youth with pay,status and other amenities that government service cannot offer ,at present . Its no wonder the Indian bureaucracy no longer has the allure of prestige and status that it once had. India’s ability to expand the number,size and geographical distribution of police ,intelligence and other internal security organizations may therefore be hampered by recruitment shortfalls. Another alarming barrier to more significant reform is corruption and patronage politics. bad politics inside our country should be curbed, who support terrorists for their evil deeds. Hence only eligible and literate candidates should get elected, which is the duty of each responsible citizen of India. Some other important pecautions that should be taken are as follows- – Proper passport authentication – All the house owners who have given their houses for rent should give the details of those who are living there to the nearest police station, which should be updated properly by the Police Department.

This is because terrorists can attack only after their proper planning for which they need to live in the nearest place of attack. – citizenship to the foreigners should be given only after their proper authentication. India’s domestic intelligence agencies need to be restructured at the state and federal levels. Its nascent investigative agencies need to be better resourced and strengthened and a host of other critical measures are needed to intercept terrorists at the planning stage, and identify and prosecute the perpetrators. a centralized agency whose head is only accountable to President must be established.

There must be increased coordination among various agencies like RAW,IB,CBI,CID etc. India must have fast-track courts for trying terrorists. No terrorist related case should be allowed to gather dust of time . Above all awareness among people is of utmost importance to counter terrorist attacks. We must see that our youths should not be available to terrorist and rioters and they should be given proper education and training so that they become responsible citizens of India. Let’s stand united and save our country’s peace and beauty.

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