Stereotypes in Poland

There are a lot of stereotypes about polish people around the world. Many of them are putting Poles in a bad light, but not all of them are so negative. Have a closer look at some of them. First of all, Polish people are thought to be a sad nation. They never smile, but complain a lot. People on the streets do not smile, service workers also not. You expect store clerk to smile back to you? Forget about it. But if you ask them how is he/she doing you will probably get a lot of complaints and grouching because they are pessimists.

That may be because of Polish village is constantly covered with snow and Polish farmers do not use any agricultural machines. My California born cousin ones asked me do I have a toilet inside my house. Poland is believed to be very poor country, especially by Americans. But for all that sadness “helps” one of the most famous stereotype which unfortunately became a kind of pervert is “to drink alcohol like Pole”. According to this Polish farmers are believed to work very hard on their farms because of cold climate they have to drink vodka to get warmer.

But alcohol is not always putting them in bad light. Because Poles are well known celebrating everything with alcohol they are seen as sociable and just love to party and there are many drunken people around. With alcohol abuse comes good food which Europeans consider to be unique and healthy. The nicest stereotype is concerns kissing when Poles greet people. Poles are hospitable. Always take care about their guests, they are nice and kind. They like to say: “Guest at home- God at home”. Polish people are also taken as brave(love freedom), patriotic and nationalistic.

Poland is home of Solidarity which had a great share in subverting the communistic system. It may be connected to nationalism that people in the whole world think that poles are prejudiced Jews and black people. Also in Poland there are hooligans who attacking foreigners. Talking about crime another stereotype is that Polish are thieves, especially in the area of theft cars. There is even a joke: if your car was stolen, you should go to Poland it surely would be there. Polish people also look up to other nationalities.

Sociologists called Poland the most pro-American country in the world. Poles really love America. It has always been an opinion: USA- the country of dream, paradise, rich, beautiful land of people free of problems. Closer to Poland members of the European union think is their moral duty to add Poland which will improve its economical level in this way. All in all, there are many stereotypes about Poles which I mentioned from my own experience and observations. Also from the internet forums, articles and blogs. There is are numerous bad stereotypes but it goes in better way nowadays.

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