Steve Jobs Evaluation of College Speach

1 January 2017

Steve Jobs Speech Evaluation This speech that Steve Jobs gave to a group of college graduates was a very informative speech. You know that this speech is an informative one because he talks about three stories about his life, which in turn informs the class about three things that they should take through life. He is not trying to persuade the audience to do or buy anything he is talking about. I believe that his main purposes were clearly stated at the beginning of each story. The purpose all together as a whole wasn’t stated until the very end of the speech when he says stay hungry and stays foolish.

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The first story was about how to connect the dots through life. The main point in this story was you may not know what you want in life but everything you do may affect how you respond to something in the future. The second stories purpose was to say that losing something isn’t always a bad thing as long as you have what you love. He lost his job but his love for something gave him the drive to keep moving and make a new business that still became very successful, because of his love. In the third story the purpose is to take each day like your last because you never know when you’re going to die.

Steve has learned that he had cancer and had to face death up front, but then later learns that he had a curable form of cancer and still lives each day as if he was dying. Every day he asked does he like what he is doing and he said no so he went and changed what he doesn’t like. There are a few attention getter devices that Steve Jobs uses throughout the speech. One major attention getter he uses is “I am honored to be with you today.. ” which would grab the audience’s attention because it shows that he cares about them and makes them feel part of the peech making it more likely that the students would pay attention. Another attention getter is the personal experiences he went through. This attention getter works great because it allows the audience to visualize and relate to him. The introduction did establish the topics importance. In the introduction he states “today I want to tell you three stories… ” which sets up for the topic of his entire speech. He also uses appropriate transitions but not the best. He uses the transition the first story, which I believe with his intelligence he could have come up with a little bit better transition.

Overall the introduction was a great one, it was short and strong grabbing the attention of the audience, and it also didn’t wait to go straight into the body of the speech. The body of the speech contained important information and life which made it perfect for this event. The order of the body didn’t really have a specific order and could have been arranged in any order he wanted, the only thing he did have to have a semi order was having transition from each story was first, second, and third. The body of the speech was good and had three strong main points.

The conclusion was very strong remembered able. His conclusion reflects once again to his life but this time he connects well with the audience with relatable examples like explaining a magazine and comparing it to Google. It when over the main points by saying “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” which was the main point’s main message was to keep doing what you want to do and learning new things every day. The last words were also the last words the magazine used on its last issue saying its goodbyes making these words his final words also.

This speech in my opinion was a very good informative speech and was very affective for this audience. The things that made this a good speech was the fact that he used personal examples, which allowed the audience to visualize how it’s possible for you to take what he is saying and applying it to your life. Also having a famous person give the speech makes the students listen even more making the speech affective meaning they will take the main points better.

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