Steven Curtis – Declaration

12 December 2019

Steven Curtis Chapman has managed toput a good-sized dent in my life and thoughts with his musical talents, and hislatest CD, “Declaration,” only adds to this influence. Chapmandescribes his reason for releasing this CD in “Declaration ofDependence” that explains this is his “declaration of dependence onJesus.”

On all 13 tracks, Chapman proves his dependence throughpraise and confession in upbeat songs like “Live Out Loud,” “Jesusis Life” and “See the Glory.” He also shows his reliance by askingfor guidance in more mellow songs like “God Follower” and”Savior.” Chapman is not afraid to profess his strong faith, andextends an invitation in “Carry You to Jesus.” Throughout these 57minutes of music, he proves that he wants his Lord to be his “MagnificentObsession.”

Steven Curtis – Declaration Essay Example

Chapman has an amazing way of putting everything intoperspective. I feel close to him as I have come to know him through his music.More important, I feel close to God through his music. Chapman writes all of hismusic based on Bible passages, which is encouraging because I know he believeswhat he sings. Every song has a different message, but all center on the theme ofrelying on God.

Though the songs range from fast-paced to calm, they areall effective. Blending moderate rock, pop, an Ecuadorian Mincaye chant, and someserious and sensitive soul music, I think anyone could find a good song on thisCD, regardless of taste in music.

Through guitar, funky drums, anoccasional piano melody, strings, a full orchestra and a raspy yet always clearand comforting voice, Steven Curtis Chapman can carry his listeners to anotherrealm, away from the craziness of everyday life and closer to God.

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