Sticks and Stones by Cher Lloyd

10 October 2019

Cher Lloyd is a spunky, upbeat girl with a lot of attitude. From appearing on the UK’s version of The X-Factor, coming in behind One Direction and Matt Cardel, she has become a musical sensation (admit it, you sing Want U Back when your in the car!). Her debut US album, called Sticks and Stones clearly defines both her talent and her personality.
The album starts off with the song Grow Up featuring rapper Busta Rhymes. This track has got another bouncy and bold beat. The song is all about how “we don’t wanna grow up, we just wanna get down”. The track shows off Cher’s adorable persona and her amazing rapping ability (watch out Busta!). Some have compared it to the sound of the Black Eyed Peas, but a better singing ability and a song you actually want to hear on the radio. Will.I.Am has got nothing on this party song.
Following that, is Cher’s radio single Want U Back. It’s boppy, it’s fresh, and extremely catchy. Not to mention, it makes you feel so confident! Whenever I hear that song, I feel like the coolest person ever. Cher says this song really describes her musically. This song has multiple versions. The UK has one with rapper Astro and the US has one with Snoop Dogg. The radio US version usually only features Cher though. People on you have often criticized the UK version, mostly because of Astro’s appearance. Comments on YouTube say that he “ruins the song”.

With Ur Love is Cher’s third radio single (UK) and it features Mike Posner. A little bit slower than her other tunes, With Ur Love keeps a steady beat and words that you easily sing along to. It’s a song that you’ll sing in the shower, but can’t dance too. Mike Posner makes a very quick show in the song, with simple lyrics that make me wonder who wrote them. Was it a fifth grader or just unoriginal?
You got it yeah, yeah you got it
I could slow it down Speed it up
How you want it girl All night long
And I don’t even care If you sing my songs wrong
1st date, 1st base
2nd date, 2nd base
3rd date, you’re looking at me funny
You got a hard shell But the middle’s so yummy
The fourth song is Swagger Jagger. This song was intended to be Cher’s second US single, but after its huge flop on YouTube, I strongly doubt it will be. It received 168,843 dislikes on the video. Maybe its because the word ‘swagger’ is so dead (I’m talking to you Beiber), or maybe because she’s addressing all her ‘haterz’ but this song received horrifying reviews from the public. It starts off with a heavy techno beat, and transfers into a soft, almost childish melody, and cotinues to switch off throughout. This song often gets Cher compared to artists such as Nicki Minaj, Karmin, and Lady Gaga.
At Number 5 on her track is Beautiful People. Beautiful People features singer Carolina Liar. While it is the slowest song on Sticks and Stones, it is undoubtedly one of the best. The music is strong yet still conveys a somber, low mood. The lyrics seem to be intended for a bad romance but could also be interpreted in multiple ways. The only way I can describe it is as a “soulful, strong Taylor Swift”
Cause it’s beautiful people like you, who get whatever they want
And it’s beautiful people like you, who suck the life right out of my heart
And it’s beautiful people like you, who make me cry
Cause nobody else could be nearly as cruel as you
The next song is Playa Boi. This song moves back into Cher’s usual territory of ‘sassy but classy’. Cher has her standard techno dance-y beat, with her classic Cher sass. Although the message is a bit overdone (another song about thugs and ganstas) she puts a unique twist on it. Not just anyone can win her love, they have to fight for it. I highly recommend this song.
Tracks seven and eight my favorite. Superhero and Over The Moon are two totally different songs but have such an edge and uniqueness about them, its impossible not to love one of these two. Superhero is very fast paced, but not really a dance-y tune. It’s more of a jamming-out-in-your-car-with-the-volume-on-high song. Over the Moon has a very vintage sound with a modern twist. And, of course, she raps in both of them. (I actually can do the rap of Superhero. I’m so proud!)
The ninth song is pretty self explanatory. This high energy dubstep song features Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten & Ghetts . Dub on the Track is exactly what it sounds like. The words are basically “I’m the kind a g-girl to put d-d-d-d-d-ub on tha track”, *Insert guy rapping here* , “I’m the kind a g-girl to put d-d-d-d-d-ub on tha track.”
The last song is another great one. A lower energy End Up Here is all about discovering you have been cheated on. The sound is like a mix of P!nk, Katy Perry and a hint of Nicki Minaj. An easy beat, and sing-a-long lyrics, this song is sure to be one you’ll sing in the shower.
Cher Lloyd is an amazing artist. Known for being cute, fun and a little bit sassy, Cher’s career is only getting started. Her album is released officially in the USA on September 18th of this year. I give this album 4 out of 5 stars. I am completely proud to be one of her “Brats”.

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