Stock Market & Public

4 April 2015
Examines ways to education public about market & encourage investment.

American stock markets, and those throughout the world, are the primary means by which people invest in businesses. Investment in business means jobs, and the opportunity for profits for owners (stockholders). Yet, most Americans have very little idea of what the stock market does–except, perhaps, crash. Unless a crash were to occur, and another depression were to set in, most people do not believe that the good or ill health of the stock market has any real bearing on them. Instead, they believe, it is the place where the rich get richer, while the rest of the world hopes for a few of the auxiliary benefits of those riches. In fact, there are few institutions that have so much relevance to people’s lives as the stock market. And, there are fewer still that offer nearly everyone the chance to participate directly in their processes. Everyone knows, of..

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