Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying! What defines bullying? What makes it so wrong and how can we minimize the outcome of it. Schools can do so much to stop buylling happening right in front of there eyes. Why is it not being recognized like it should to finally put a stop to it all? Schools should enforce no bullying policy. Any student who commits cyber or verbal bullying should be suspended from school. Schools should talk to there students about bullying and explain to them why its wrong. I mean come on students arent dumb they no its wrong. But how to stop it from happening it the main concern for high schools to bring down suicide rates and drop out rates.

It is important for students who commit cyber bullying to be suspended from school and to be blocked off the site from where they committed the crime. Not only is it emotional for the students that the cyber bullying was committed but it is also a emotional process to go threw. For someone who cyber bullies is just going to do it again and again getting away with it every time. This will take a stand to all kids who get bullied online to put a end to it all. It is becoming more of a issue among teens and the school should take this into consideration on how to stop it from happening.

If students were to know it they were to get caught bullying someone else then they would be suspended. It would be a tactic to minimize bullying cyber and verbal. Have students form groups to make a pact to stop bullying. For students to know how badly it can affect another student and to what extremes it can go to, from depression to even suicide. Who are we in this world to bully another for what there skin color is or how they dress. If we know its wrong then why do we allow students to keep getting away with it? How many lives is it going to take for us to make a stand and say no more.

I went to my local high school and walked around for about a hour and just observed. Now in just that hour I saw 3 kids talking trash about others and 5 actually doing it in front of the person. What probably made me upset the most is how some students saw this happening and didn’t say anything while others looked shocked but kept there words to themselves. Now as I could see there were teachers around but weren’t close enough to hear what was going on. Another altercation I witnessed a teacher did hear and see what was happening. All that teacher did was say to go to class and stop.

Now is that really enough? Will that stop that student from bullying others in the future? Not likely. The school needs to take in affect how it can affect a students life who is being bullied all the time. They could drop out, commit suicide or even hurt others. Is that what the school is willing to risk, when they could try to put a stop to it all by punishing the ones who are committing the bullying. Is that not only fair? Why should the whole school suffer just from the wrongs of a few others? As far as im concerned school needs to put a stop to bullying.

Not only would it benefit the school with less drop out rates but could also save someone’s future or life. To all students in high school don’t be a bully. Stand up and put a stop to it, if you see it help others and defend your peers. To students who are the bully need punishment to know if they continue they will be suspended from school. Parents and school faculty need to get together and pass this agreement with the school board. This issue needs to be addressed and dealt with. For how many futures and lives are we going to put at risk for something we could have done to stop it.

Its time to take a stand for everyone who has been bullied or will be bullied in the future. Schools will put a stop to this and put a end to kids bullying others. If a few schools who decided to put a stop to bullying wont others see that and follow there lead? This isint something your just doing for you school, but for all the kids who have to be in fear knowing there gonna be bullied day by day. Lets put a stop to this, lets tell them hey no need to be scared. Let the kids who are being bullied enjoy school like any other student. This will be a start to a new beginning, a new hope to others and a ending to constant fear.

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