Stories by Avicii

10 October 2019

Avicii has always been an interesting artist due to his mix of genres that he puts into each song. He reached lots of crowds and became known for several of his songs including Wake Me Up and Hey Brother. Unfortunately those songs were played to death on the radio and nobody really likes them any more. Avicii really stepped his game up in his most recent album in several ways that I felt really complemented his music style. His main success in my opinion was the fact that he made the album more upbeat and friendly than his last album True which, though wasn’t always awful, isn’t something that I wanted to listen to all the time. He also made his music a little friendlier for younger audiences with none of the language or more mature themes that were present in his last film. He does a great job mixing genres such as country or blues with electronic in several of his songs including Sunset Jesus, Trouble, and For a Better Day. However, most of his album is less adventurous in the way it combines music and the fact that it is mostly electronic. Though the tune is upbeat there are several slightly more serious songs about lost love, poverty, and crime. With lyrics like “started out with nothin’ I still got most of that” it’s clear that the viewpoint isn’t entirely optimistic. There is a lot of great dance music on this album as well for those who enjoy that and several songs that are fairly optimistic such as The Nights, Broken Arrows, and True Believer. Overall this easily landed in my top five favorite albums with a host of songs I thoroughly enjoyed. I would give it 4.5/5 stars. Though it may not be perfect, very few albums are and this one comes closer than most.

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