Story of an Hour

12 December 2016

They had no say so in their welfare (clothes they wore, house they lived in, bedroom they slept in, their inner thoughts was not heard). A woman day was started the same way every day. Women didn’t have any autonomy and or independence. They were not allowed to be self-sufficient unless they were widows. Characters: Everyone treats Mrs. Mallard as if she was weakest individual in the world. Everybody knows what is best for Mrs. Mallard except Mrs. Mallard. Josephine, Brently, and Mrs. Mallard have a parent child relationship. Josephine, Mrs. Mallards, sister takes the role her of her mother and Brently, Mr.

Mallard, takes the role as her father instead of her husband. Brently was a good provider, loved his wife, and was very devoted to her. He wanted the best for her. His downfall was he never asked her what she wanted. This marriage doesn’t have any sense of balance. Symbols that lead to a bigger meaning than the one that is literal: marriage, women, Marriages was one sided. No matter how good the man was he was still bad. Or how considerate he was he was still inconsiderate of her feelings. He had the final say so. She lived to please him. They didn’t live to please each other.

Thought he knew best Mrs. Mallard loved her husband and he loved her. Just didn’t have a balanced marriage. Meaning that he didn’t listen to her inner thoughts and wants. Even though he was a good man. He took care of her as if she was royalty. The one thing in the marriage she wanted was a voice. And he didn’t allow her to have one. His death to her meant that she would have a voice in her life. Heart trouble in this story meant that Mrs. Mallard was torn between loving her husband and loving herself. Even though she loved him with all her heart. She bore a grudge of resentment toward Mr. Mallard.

She loves him, he loves her, but she loves herself beyond the love for him. She dies from heart trouble that is related to her disappointment. She is disappointed to see her freedom, her voice, and her chance at living for one person that is herself and not living for her husband taken away from her. She loves him but for the first time in her life she controlled her every move/destiny/fortune/future. That is what every woman is looking for today. To have a voice in their life. The Story of an Hour was written in 1894. Mr. and Mrs. Mallard was a fine for their times. It was a typical marriage.

Mr. Mallard loved Mrs. Mallard and she stated so, “…the face that had never looked save with love upon her. “When two people get married you have to live for that other person. Both have to compromisetoo much compromise from one person makes that person tired or resent the other. That person doesn’t compromise that makes that person a slacker or don’t care…. (1) give and compromises gets tired, (2) takers give enough to stay around. Both have to have a voice or right to be heard or expression or say so or opinion You have to find balance between compromise and or give and take of a relationship.

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