Storyteller by Carrie Underwood

9 September 2019

From the moment she got those three ‘yes’s’ that everyone dreams of on her
American Idol audition in 2005, Carrie Underwood became a star. She breezed through the process while singing songs such as ‘Angels Brought Me Here’ by Guy Sebastian, and ‘Independence Day’ by Martina McBride. She even wrote a hit song for herself that she performed in the finals of American Idol called ‘Inside your Heaven’. Shortly after her victory on American Idol she released her first alb umSome Hearts, featuring hit songs ‘Before he Cheats’ and ‘Jesus Take the Wheel’. These songs were the perfect combination of pop and country that all types of fans would grow to know and love.
Ten years, and many Grammy and CMA awards later, Carrie Underwood released her fifth a lbum called Storyteller.Storyteller became an instant hit because of the many different types of songs she features on her album. Although she is a country artist, Carrie Underwood does not always sing in the ‘classic country style’. She has many upbeat songs on this album including ‘Church Bells’ and ‘Smoke Break’. Church Bells features edgy lyrics like, “Jennie slipped something in his Tennessee Whiskey/ No law man was ever gonna find/How he died was still a mystery/But he hit a woman for the very last time,” that even people who claim to not like country will listen to and love. Also, Carrie Underwood is great at producing slower songs. Her most famous slow song
in her albumStoryteller is ‘Heartbeat’. Along with being memorable, ‘Heartbeat’ displays slow lyrics that everyone enjoys. Carrie Underwood has the uncanny ability to produce both upbeat and slow country songs, especially inStoryteller. This talent cements her as a country star to be remembered for many years to come.
Along with her hit songs that play on the radio constantly, Underwood produced many other songs that aren’t as recognized, that separate her album from other female country albums. For example, her song ‘Dirty Laundry’, is very edgy. Although it is not as recognized as her other songs song that she produced, this song tells such a powerful and meaningful story. The metaphor ‘dirty laundry’ represents someone who cheats on her. Some lyrics in the chorus that convey that message are, “All those midnights sneaking in/ ‘I’m late again, I’m so sorry’/All the Ajax in the world ain’t gonna clean your dirty laundry.” Unfortunately, this song is relatable for many, although it has tune that people can catch onto. Underwood’s song ‘The Girl You think I am’, is also not as known but a great song. It’s candid and real, like the majority of her songs. It tells the story of a girl who wants to be as good all the time as other people think she is. It is explained in these lyrics, “You think I’m strong, you think I’m fearless/Even when I’m, I’m at my weakest/You always see the best in me when I can’t/I wanna be the girl you think I am.” Whether a song is very popular or less known, Carrie Underwood has a unique way of storytelling in all of her lyrics.
Carrie Underwood’sStoryteller is one of the best female country albums. She is a true talent that is recognized by all music fans around the world. Her songs all tell stories that are relatable to all people, not just country fans, but music fans everywhere. From her roots on a reality TV show, to the star she has become, Underwood is a true ‘American Idol’.

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