Strange Desire by Bleachers

9 September 2019

Breaking away from Steel Train and the popular band fun., Jack Antonoff performed with his new indie-pop band Bleachers at The House of Blues in Dallas on Nov. 2. Doors opened at 7 pm, and within 30 minutes the floor filled up with concert-goers.

Wild Cub, a Nashville-based indie quintet, opened at 8 pm. The band is led by songwriter-composer Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, and its supporting members are drummer Dabney Morris, bassist Harry West, and keyboardist and synthesist Eric Wilson.

Strange Desire by Bleachers Essay Example

Although their song “Thunder Clatter” charted at #59 in the UK in August 2013, the band seemed relatively unknown to the crowd. It wasn’t until they played “Hidden in the Night” that the crowd started to move. From there several people were dancing, but most were waiting in anticipation for Bleachers.

At 9 pm, Antonoff ran onstage with the rest of the band. Cheers erupted from the crowd as they opened the set with “Wild Heart,” a song from their album Strange Desire, which was released July 15, 2014. Each song was written while on tour with fun. Immediately the crowd started moving along to the upbeat music.

Halfway through “You’re Still a Mystery,” Antonoff stopped to talk to the crowd. He was funny and personable, bantering with several people on the floor and even a few in the balcony. He then introduced his band, which consists of Sean Hutchinson, Mikey Hart, Jon Shiffman and Evan Smith. Smith belted out the rest of the song on his saxophone.

After that the band played song after song and the crowd got more and more excited. After three or four fast-paced beats, the band slowed things down a bit with their song “Take Me Away.” Then they left the stage while Antonoff performed an acoustic song called “Bullet” by his old band Steel Train.

The band came back on and ended the show with their most popular single “I Wanna Get Better.” The crowd shouted the words, clapping and waving their hands. Rubber ducks were thrown up on stage as the song ended, a tradition of sorts since Antonoff’s nickname is “Ducky.”

After the show, a group of fans lined up outside of the tour bus. Antonoff ran toward them and took pictures and signed autographs for everyone he could. The overall experience of the show left concert goers happy and excited about what’s to come for the new group. Bleachers is talented in more ways than one and is sure to continue to be successful.

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