Strategic Analysis of Nike

1 January 2017

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Contemporary Strategic Management Assignment Criteria Sheet Student Name: Centre Name: Assignment Brief: ICM Student Number: ICM Centre Number: In no more than 4,000 words provide a formal Strategic Management report to your manager addressing the assignment brief. 1. Learning Outcomes: 2. 3. 4.

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Critically evaluate and apply strategic management concepts, tools and techniques Apply independent learning and research to strategic problem definition and resolution Critically evaluate alternative theories and approaches to strategic business problems Identify and critically appraise alternative strategies and their implementation Grade B – Credit 60% to 69% Grade D – Marginal Pass 40% – 49% Examiner: Marks: Final Grade: JC /100 Grade A – Distinction 70% and above Marking Scheme: Grade C – Pass 50% to 59% Grade F – Fail 39% and under

Please find below a table that indicates the relevant marks available for each section of your assignment. The maximum marks awarded are shown in brackets ( ). Section One: Strategic Analysis of the chosen company – (2,500 word guide) ? Relevant use of several analytical techniques from

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