Strategic Analysis Sabic

1 January 2017

Keen on stability in the career development of the company through knowledge and training of these strategic plans to ensure optimum utilization of talent. New production capacities Search for the operation of complex industrial projects, even if it was common to lead to increased production and strategic business unit. Alpha Cooperation for sustainable solutions:

Work with global automotive manufacturers to develop new types of metals used in manufacturing to the cars and gives designers a wider field of design. Participate to promote innovation: Applications using the latest status of development and cooperation with the engineers to produce high quality products and strong hardness. Complete the needs of customers: SABIC is working to expand the list of products and the discovery of new ideas in products, chemicals to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Strategic Analysis Sabic Essay Example

Manufacturing excellence: Follow-up and strategic business unit managers and to give accurate information in a timely manner, leading to reduce the need for subsequent maintenance. Technology and innovation: Product life cycle, and processing of iron using the techniques and new technology, and made it one of the most developed companies in the field of chemical industries. Alpha Human Resources:

Great concern for the communities of all staff and ensure the safety of the various sectors of the company, making it a global industrial company Environment, Health and Safety and Security: Striving to better environmental standards and health and safety and security and to ensure that affected industrial operations on the environment surrounding. Criteria for global leadership: SABIC to invest human resources investment optimization, which achieves creativity, innovation and achievement levels in the latest technical

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