Strategic Explanation of KAL Shoot-Down

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the shooting down of KAL flight 007 during the Reagan administration in 1982.

This essay is an examination of the shoot-down of KAL flight 007 in 1982. The author puts forth the idea that KAL 007 was used by the Reagan administration to test Soviet radar capabilities and that once the plane was shot down by Soviet fighters, the disaster was covered up.
“Official reports claimed the 747 was shot down, crashed into the ocean, and disappeared. No large debris from the crash was every recovered, however. The Soviets claimed they had found the plane in 300 feet of water off an island near Japan , but never removed the wreckage. Only tiny pieces of the plane and small body parts were ever found. The small sizes of the pieces recovered indicate depressurization of the cabin, and that the plane was not destroyed in the air.”

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