Strategic Human Capital Management

7 July 2016

Introduction Atlantis Global Corporation is a multinational organization that manufactures electronic circuit boards for high definition television screens, has relocated some personnel to three of its subsidiaries in hopes that the subsidiaries would be self-sustainable and profitable. The company’s CEO, COO and the Board of Director John is worried about global competition and losing AGC’s manufacturer of electrical circuit boards of high definition televisions.

John seems to ignore the problem with the company’s employee situation and that there have been several employees that have left to go work with other organizations due to being unhappy with their current working conditions. John also shows no knowledge of managing employees and does not think that they have anything to do with AGC’s problems. Shawn who has been recruited, who is the Director of Global Human Capital Management at AGC, to come in and diagnose the company’s human capital issues, set up a new strategic path for AGC. Shawn is also an expert in change management and motivational leader.

Strategic Human Capital Management Essay Example

I have been recruited to work along Shawn and work closely with him to establish a cross cultural team that will help address global challenges, provide guidance and provide recommendations to each objective. Shawn and I are concerned after meeting with John that he never mentioned anything concerning the employees at AGC and that he does not think that the employees have an impact on the company’s success. The human capital in fact has an impact on the company’s success and if not dealt with and managed properly the company will continue to do poorly.

An upcoming meeting with the company’s board of directors and John, Shawn asks you for advice on how to approach the board on its lack of knowledge on global human capital, some examples from other organizations that will help them gain knowledge on the subject and doing all of this without offending or embarrassing the board and John. How should John approach the board? First off go in with confidence but not too much, if you want the receiver’s attention, understanding, and interest you want to communicate from their view point.

Here are some pointers to use; first using understandable vocabulary so that you can easily explain to them and not bore them with big words will be helpful. You can refer to your own personal shared experiences with other organizations with similar problems and how you dealt with the situation and how that company is doing today, in other words get their interest. Let them know that your suggestions are to help the company and not to criticize anyone. Be clear on any suggestions you make and ask them if they have any questions, this way you know they are paying attention and understand your suggestions.

Some other ways to approach the board is to use a power point presentation that explains the company’s background and where the company is today. You can also ask the board for their points of view on the power point and see if they see what is happening and what suggestions they might have to make the company start to make a profit again. Delivering message without embarrassing the board on its lack of knowledge: Start off by letting the board of directors know what it is you do and the services you can provide to better the company.

In every company there are pressures in the long term health of an organization and having employee commitment is very critical and important drivers for success. Applying a risk methodology to management for human capital addresses issues like failure to attract required employees or selecting the wrong person for the job, unsatisfactory performances which could be due to lack of knowledge, which in this scenario the employees are trained for 3 to 4 months before working on their own.

If there are workers leaving because of not being happy at what they do or they are not being treated fairly, then we need to know what we can do to fix the problem, why this problem is even happening. I think a survey sent out to the employees to fill out on their job description, how well they like their job and any suggestions they might have to make their jobs better would be a start. Organizational Change Management is the framework for managing new effects or organizational structure or cultural changes within an organization.

Any organization can face a change and there are steps that make these changes easier. Some changes can be planned or unplanned, and slow to a radical change. Change can be through customers, suppliers, stakeholders, technology, or employees. You cannot control change but you can react to it in a way that will make it easier to adapt. Every business is out to compete with another and having a strategic plan in place can help a company strive to meet their customer needs.

(Repurposed from HRM445-1301B-03, February 21, 2013). Illustrate the intrinsic value of human capital Since intrinsic value of an organization is driven by its profitability, risk and growth the value will face major changes that can be overcome by a different way of doing things like adopting new practice to drive the changes in the company’s management model, operating practices and strategy choices. Intrinsic value is something one is good in and enjoys doing it, for example someone who enjoys the nature of their work.

Extrinsic is something that is focused on social or financial rewards. You see something you want so you go out and buy it like a pair of shoes, they would have extrinsic value because they are comfortable and they make you feel good. Examples of other organizations that provide the boards knowledge about Global Human Capital Companies that are global in today’s world, there is no way to manage workers effectively the same in all countries.

What managers need to realize and understand is that there are cultural differences, which managers will need to adjust their styles of communication. To be successful, we must create a management team with diverse backgrounds, and act as interpreters to organizations goals. The human capital that is needed for globalization is poor, and in areas such as elevating more women to be in leadership positions, having that incorporates diversity. Will Shawn’s leadership style help him during the meeting?

Shawn’s leadership style will help him motivate the board and even employees to both perform better, therefore the organization will benefit and be more profitable. Shawn is also a leader and his leadership skills along with his motivation will help him with the board members to see what this company has potential for. Shawn realizes that employees are the key to any organization and without them and the proper training a company will not thrive.

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