Strategic Industrial Development

4 April 2015
An argument for strategic development plans for nations.

This paper describes that developing and industrial countries need to have a business plan just as businesses have, in order to develop to its fullest potential. The paper explains that these plans, strategic development plans, are encouraged by the United Nations and the World Trade Organization to create a better economic environment and quality of life for the citizens of the nations using this method.
“The key to success for any business is to start with a solid, well-researched business plan. A good plan will serve as a roadmap for the growth of the company with certain milestones laid out, to measure the success of the plan. A successful plan will take an inventory of the resources that a company currently has in its possession and make provisions to obtain those that it predicts that it will need in the future. The plan will ensure that the best use of a company’s resources is made in the future. It ensures that the decisions that are made are in the best interest of the company.”
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